Warren and Tamsin, Buitenverwachting. Whenever I get home from a wedding Helen asks me how it went (good wife you know). Sometimes she’s fast asleep when I get back, but she’ll almost always drag herself out of bed to let me offload on the wedding. Sometimes when I get back, I’m completely exhausted and I’ll slump down like a boxer in his corner. Actually, come to think of it, most of the time I do the boxer slump. Then Hellie will pour me a drink and I’ll relate the wedding to her in the minutest detail. From Aunt Betty who repeatedly pinched me on the bum every time I passed her, to cousin Julie who tried to get me to drink Tequila with her (sorry, next time Julie-baby), to the ‘squeezing of the ‘puppies’ into the dress moment’ which had everybody a bit distraught, to the um, load shedding that happened right on ceremony time (yes Eskom, you are a complete and utter living nightmare and you have no excuse), to, to, to… Anyway, after Warren and Tamsin’s wedding, I had to talk a lot about humanrightsfilmnetwork.org/topamax Tam. I couldn’t quite pinpoint it during the wedding and I still can’t pinpoint it, but this is a rare, rare gem of a girl. She has this, I don’t know, inner magic. It’s so difficult to put it into words. She’s like an angel in a movie – kind, caring, softly spoken. She’s worldly. I’m not getting this right at all. Think of an AMAZING person that you know. Someone you wish you could be like because he or she just shines. That’s Tamsin – and then some. Warren – you are one very fortunate guy. But hey, you know that. Of course, I know why Tam married you – you have a legendary name. Let’s be honest – anyone with the name Warren just has to be whooooaaaa. Love you guys. Always will.

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