I’m going to say two words here, and when I do, one of the groomsmen at Adam and Vania’s wedding at Grotto Bay (Simon is his name), is going to turn cold with sweat. You see, the thing is, Simon is a big strong fellow. He rides motorbikes and stuff. And let’s be honest here, you don’t want to meet good old Si in a dark alley – especially if he’s feeling grumpy. Because my friends, Simon will rip off your arm in one quick, clean swipe and use it to hit your head over the 7th lamp post to the right of you. So now that I’m miles from Simon I’m feeling quite um, strong. So Si, here are the two words: BOY. BAND. Let me paint you all a picture. Right now, Simon is saying: ‘No! He wouldn’t! He wouldn’t do it. He. Would. Not. Do It.Would he? Would he do it? He wouldn’t, would he? Please tell me he wouldn’t.’ Well now Si (you don’t mind if I call you Si do you?) let’s tell the folk what happened inside that old broken down graffiti-struck house on the beach shall we. The thing is, there I was busy shooting the groomsmen. It was quite tricky and we were all chatting healthcpc.virusinc.org/ativan/ about who to place where when all of a sudden, Si lies down in front of the chaps and says: how’s this for a boy band shot?’ He immediately realized his mistake and tried to jump up, but oh dear – CLICK. And now we have Simon forever immortalized in a dodgy sort of Backstreet Boys meets One Direction pose. Now of course, the question is, do I show it to you, or don’t I? It’s VERY VERY sexy you know. Simon, don’t worry mate, I’m not going to show it – I’d need to hire a bodyguard for the rest of my life if I did. But it was flipping funny at the time. Boy bands aside, what an awesome day this was with a really good bunch of family and friends in the quiet village of Grotto Bay. I’ve been to most places on the West Coast but this was my first visit to Grotto Bay –  what a gem. And fittingly enough, the photos where Vania is pulling a ‘Marry Poppins’ on the rocks is where Adam proposed to her – and now forever known as Engagement Rock. Awesome. And by the way, Simon is cool – wouldn’t hurt a fly. I promise (difficult to type with your fingers crossed).

Grotto Bay wedding

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Wedding necklace



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Bride walking to ceremony area on beach






Groom waiting for bride on beach

Father giving bride away

Bride and groom beach ceremony

Wedding guests photos


Bridemaids during ceremony


First wedding kiss

Engagement Rock

Engagement Rock

Bride on sand dune

Bride and groom on sand dune

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Cape Town wedding photography

Bride on beach

Beach brides, Warren Williams Photography

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Bride laughing on beach

Beach house wedding reception

Beach house wedding reception

Beach house wedding reception

Wedding canapés

First Dance

Bride dancing

Throwing of bouquet

Tossing of garter




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