Aimee and Andrew, Suikerbossie. Let’s go back in time shall we? I was in supreme pain at the first wedding I ever shot. In the week before the wedding I’d damaged my Coccyx quite badly and Helen injected me every few hours to get me through the day. All my planning for the wedding was in place. I had prepared perfectly – in theory that is. But unfortunately weddings aren’t about theory my friends. They’re all about the practical. You can do your homework a thousand times over, but what the day throws at you, you have to deal with there and then. And quickly. And calmly. That first wedding taught me a lot – don’t get injured before a wedding, think on your feet, lie through your teeth if it means keeping your bride and groom calm, keep moving no matter what, watch the time like a hawk, remain supremely focused and give everyone at the wedding a fine experience. Now onto Aimee and Andrew’s wedding…

So I arrive and Aimee is in good spirits and the bridesmaids are cool. Well sort of cool. One technical snag. Her Maid of Honour isn’t looking overly mobile. Broke her something-or-other-bone in her leg. Duh. Seriously? What next? So I say: ‘Howzit Crutchy!’ I get a bit of a dirty look, but hey, let’s go with it. As always, my gorgeous Alicia Buckle does a sterling job with the girls’ make-up and ‘Crutchy’ is looking marvellous in her dress while hobbling around on her crutches. Off to Nazareth House Chapel we go – ceremony, message, Communion. Seamless, wonderful. Married couple. Family photos in the gardens with plenty of good humour and laughs (Nazareth House is spectacular by the way). Off to Hout Bay Beach we go and then, well then it all fell apart as the theory generic cymbalta as effective came unstuck and the practical kicked in. Hout Bay was a complete disaster. Thousands of people (and I mean thousands). Not surprising really – I had a hunch it was going to be like that. So off to Plan B. We go down to the dunes and start with the bridal party photos. ‘Crutchy’ was amped, but she seriously couldn’t walk, let alone scramble up the dunes to the soothing commands of the photographer. This girl was seriously injured. So there were Andrew’s groomsmen carting her around like a mannequin doll as she sucking it up big time for the cause. Then one of the groomsmen had an idea. ‘Hey guys, why don’t we ferry ‘Crutchy’ around in the 4 x 4?’ Great idea! Whoops, technical snag number 2. The 4 x 4 just got stuck in the sand. Aaaaand we’re running out of time in spectacular fashion to get these photos done. Stay calm Warrie. Stay focused my son. Lie through your teeth to keep the bride and groom composed. Tell them we’re all over this shoot like a rash my boy. Because one thing is for sure – when you believe it, you can do it. And we did do it. And we were back at Suikerbossie with minutes to spare. And later that evening after Aimee and Andrew had opened the dance floor, who was in the middle of it all dancing the night away? ‘Crutchy’ was. Well done ‘Crutchy’ – you went to war for your best mate and that’s the way it should always be.During the use of I have not noticed any side effects or bad changes in the body. Pretty cool huh?

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