So today’s million Dollar question is… hands up if you know what the Hora is? Okay, so before everyone rushes off to Google it, I’ll tell you. At a Jewish wedding, when the bride and groom enter the reception, the Hora takes place. This is designed to do two things. Firstly it’s one heck of a celebration. Everyone jumps onto the dance floor and goes completely bananas in celebration of the newly weds. It’s a mixture between hi-impact aerobics, kite-surfing, sky-diving, a rugby scrum, the running of the bulls in Pamplona, disco dancing and driving down a narrow gravel road on the top of a high mountain pass at 200km/h. So in short, it’s somewhat energetic and exhilirating. The second thing it’s designed to do is to seriously maim and/or injure any photographer that doesn’t have their wits about them. So you either need to wear skateboard padding and a helmet, or keep both eyes widely open while you’re shooting. And you most definitely need eyes in the back of your head or you’re a goner. At Natasha and Albert’s wedding chaos ensued with 200 people hitting that dance floor in celebration. It was completely generic cymbalta in usa scary and completely awesome all in one big beautiful breath. I got smacked hard twice and my camera took such a knock I thought the lens had shattered. Nice one Nikon, you make cameras that can take a punch I tell you. I saw Albert fly past me on at least 3 different occasions and I thought Natasha would be thrown clear through the roof, but somehow everyone remained in tact (sort of anyway). At one stage I felt like whooping like a cowboy it was all such fun. By the end of the Hora, everyone deserved a good break and the magnificent duo of Dave and Mickey (who own Suikerbossie), rolled out the goods – tables of finely prepared foods (as only they know how to do).¬†What a day, what a reception! I kid you not – it took me two days to get over the stiffness in my legs! Mazel tov you beauties and may you enjoy many, many happy years together. Whoops, one last thing – Robyn Roberts, thank you once again for dressing Natasha so amazingly. Right, that’s it. The end.

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