Alec and Nici, Blue Horizon Estate, Simonstown. There’s a line that comes up with alarming regularity at weddings time and time again. It goes like this: ‘Hi everyone, for those who don’t know me I’m John, Tim’s bestman and I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Tim for 15 years now.’ Whenever that line rears its head I look at ‘John’ and wonder if he’ll be standing around many years down the line (at Tim and Jenny’s 30th wedding anniversary of course) and saying: ‘Hi everyone, I’m John and if you don’t know that I’ve been Tim’s steadfast mate through all the ups, downs, babies, financial stresses, laughter and pain then you haven’t been paying attention.’ You see, to Tim and Jenny, our John is a vital cog in life. He’s the springboard, soundboard and support system. He’s the guy who laughs with you, cries with you, argues with you, agrees, disagrees, provides advice, and just generally pops up for you when you need him. He’s the real deal. Even when he really, really doesn’t have time for whatever it is you need, he’ll make the time. Thanks ‘John,’ you’re amaaaaazing bro. But ‘John’ is just one dude in a long list. There’s Mary, Matthew, Marty, Malcolm, Molly, Matilda, Max, Michael, Mark, Morgan and Meredith too. This is the A-team. These are the people you’re going to age with. This is the mob who are going to have kids that your very own darling children will bite, burn, punch, kick and scratch. They’ll catch colds and flu together, pass nits onto each other, steal each others food, tell on each other and in all likelihood grow up to one day say: ‘Hi I’m Michael and I’ve been Gilli’s seriously major friend since birth.’ Gilli will then start to cry (cue serviette for Gilli the chunking bride) and the whole cycle starts afresh. Isn’t that cool? Isn’t that the way it’s meant to be? Because that’s pretty much how it was at Alec and Nici’s wedding at Blue Horizon Estate in Simonstown. 5 groomsmen from SACS and 1 groomsman from Wynberg standing up for Alec and saying: ‘hey, we’ve got you here mate – this girl has our 100% approval – we’ll travel this road with you guys and it’s going to be pretty good stuff.’ I have the photos to prove it too. In 45 minutes of speeches ‘Mr and Mrs Numbnuts’ as they are affectionately known had a proper serving of laughter and tears. And you know what, one day you may actually end up marrying your very own best friend. Alec and Nici did. I did. So whose next?

Alec and Nici, Blue Horizon Estate, Simonstown Alec and Nici, Blue Horizon Estate, Simonstown Warren Williams PhotographyWarren Williams Photography Alec and Nici, Blue Horizon Estate, SimonstownSACS Old Boy wedding Warren Williams Photography-21 Warren Williams Photography-17 Alec and Nici, Blue Horizon Estate wedding Warren Williams Photography-15Warren Williams Photography-22 Warren Williams Photography-23 Warren Williams Photography-24 Warren Williams Photography-25 Warren Williams Photography-26 Warren Williams Photography-28 Warren Williams Photography-27Warren Williams Photography-29 Warren Williams Photography-30 Warren Williams Photography-31Warren Williams Photography-1 Alec and Nici, Blue Horizon Estate, Simonstown Alec and Nici, Blue Horizon Estate, Simonstown Warren Williams Photography-4Warren Williams Photography-34Warren Williams Photography-6 Alec and Nici, Blue Horizon Estate, Simonstown Warren Williams Photography-5 Warren Williams Photography-11 Warren Williams Photography-32 Warren Williams Photography-33 Warren Williams Photography-37 Warren Williams Photography-38 Warren Williams Photography-39 Warren Williams Photography-12 Warren Williams Photography-8Warren Williams Photography-13 Warren Williams Photography-14 Warren Williams Photography-40 Warren Williams Photography-41 Warren Williams Photography-45 Warren Williams Photography-44 Warren Williams Photography-43 Warren Williams Photography-46 Warren Williams Photography-48 Warren Williams Photography-49 Warren Williams Photography-50 Warren Williams Photography-51 Warren Williams Photography-52 Warren Williams Photography-53


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