Alister and Caryn, Monkey Valley. So you see, it’s like this. Being a wedding photographer has its moments. Sometimes you feel like a rockstar playing live in front of 75000 people. At other times it can feel as though you’re about to pass out from sheer exhaustion after 10 hours of high intensity pressure. And at other times it can feel as though you’re an integral part of one big happy family. At Alister and Caryn’s wedding at Monkey Valley, all three of the above were true. There were moments of pure rockstar exhiliration and by the end of the evening I flopped into the car like a rag doll. But of the three, it was being a part of the family that really hit home. Caryn’s mom Heidi was chief instigator. I felt like a son to her. It became pretty infectious stuff. And to top it all some of Kyle and Elani’s family was there as well (you can see their wedding that I shot in Oubos here). So yup, things sorted of doubled up as a bit of a reunion as well. As for Alister and Caryn, well, I suppose I run the risk of boring you by once again saying that I just seem to strike gold when it comes to my couples. So bored you’ll have to be because oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. Smiley-laughy-happy-vivacious Caryn and cheerful-jokey-luckiest-bugger-in-the-world Alister are just the real deal. They say that good people are hard to find. Nonsense. They hang with me. Weekly. Love you guys. Oh yes, one last thing – maybe, just maaaaybe, I’ll be heading down to Oz sometime for another small matter of a wedding. But we’ll have to wait and see…

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