Ben and Bianca, Hudson’s at Vredenheim. So let’s see now. I’ve shot many, many weddings and one of the most often asked questions by brides and grooms who contact me is… ‘have you shot at such and such a venue.’ Often the answer is yes. Often the answer is no. There are hundreds of venues out there and if I’m fortunate enough to live to 300 years old maybe I’ll nail most of them. Which brings me to Ben and Bianc’s who had their wedding at Hudson’s, situated on the Vredenheim Estate. To be perfectly honest, I’ve driven past there a LOT of times over the years and I didn’t even know it existed. Duh. So much for keeping your eyes open. Anyway, it’s a terrific venue with a ton of photographic opportunities. Every way you turn there’s another shot waiting to happen. The wedding itself was very chilled and relaxed. Ben and Bianca have very cute little twins who happened to be model citizens during the proceedings. Look, there was a bit of unexpected communication here and there (as the under 5 year old mob tend to do) during the ceremony, but it just added to the overall mood of the day. That all said, it was such an immense privilege to work with Terran Williams from Common Ground Church in Constantia for the fourth time. Hel and myself go to the 8.30am service there on Sunday’s which in itself is awesome and highly recommended (free coffee and chocolate biscuits afterwards – and Warrie does SO enjoy a chocolate biscuit at any time of day you know). But let’s move on from the chocolate biscuit thing or I’m actually not going to be able to finish writing this because I’ll have to pop down to the shop for a packet or two of Oreos. Where were we? Er, I’ve forgotten. Oh ja, Common Ground. There’s just something so relevant and uplifting by their approach and that ‘surfer-dude Minister guy’ (that’s what our kids call him anyway – sorry Terran), was supremely inspirational to listen to. The evening was no less inspirational as Hudson’s turned on the fare and Ben, Bianc’s and their guests hit the dance-floor with a vengeance – kids and all. This was a family wedding in the true sense of the word. Would I do it again? Tomorrow morning is looking pretty good.

Okay seriously, I REALLY need a chocolate biscuit right now. Ha! And I know where Helen hides them too!

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