Beni and Linda, Suikerbossie. If you’ve been watching my weddings for some time now, you’ll know my feelings about shooting Jewish weddings. Basically, it’s like running the Comrades Marathon backwards twice and then being hit by a bus. In no particular order. They’re epic and seriously draining on you both physically and emotionally. You need to be on your toes throughout because you’re going to travel some serious distance on your feet, you’re going to run into some unexpected time issues, and your camera and flash is going to need every single last bit of energy to get you past the finish line. You need to get into the zone and stay in the zone. And my friend, just pray that you’ll be able to handle the unexpected, because unexpected there will be. And take bucketloads of courage. Sound like fun? It is. Especially when you have Beni and Linda in front of you. These guys have a more than whacky, edgy side to their personalities. They know what works for them. So too apparently do their mates. This wedding was a rollercoaster of emotions that would make Disneyworld’s scariest ride blush. When Beni gives it a tear, he doesn’t build up to it – he just chokes straight into it. One moment he’s with you, the next he’s a gibbering wreck. As I said, stay on your toes. When Linda gives it a tear, she’s no darned better. It’s pressure stuff. I mean by all means cry, but give us some warning people. Anyway, I’m typing away madly here and I’ve gone completely off course, so let’s start again shall we?

So the day after Beni and Linda’s wedding my eldest daughter comes to me and says: ‘Dad, there was this group of guys all dressed up smartly walking generic form of cymbalta through the centre of Cape Town yesterday. I turned to my friends and told them it must be a wedding, but there was no photographer. Then I thought to myself – it’s probably my dad doing something strange.’ She was correct. Had she looked up she would have seen me on top of the East Side Studios Building shooting downwards. As I said, Beni and Linda are edgy, creative, think out-of-the-box. So it made a bit of sense to shoot the boys from a different perspective.

As for Linda’s bridesmaids whoa. How cool were you girls? I mean hey? Come on, talk to me! (Ja, ja, Beni, your groomsmen were awesome I know, I know – the bridesmaids only JUST edged them into first place). Which goes back to a point I so often make – bridesmaids and groomsmen are a huge part of the day – pick the right crew and you’re away. Anyway, into the Israeli Dancing we went. Beni is a trained dancer and it showed as he did some seriously impressive moves. It was awesome – energy, enthusiasm, electrifying. Then speeches. And more tears. I even almost cried on the odd occasion. Goosebumps galore. Suddenly, it was over. I grabbed a piece of absolutely delicious wedding cake, said goodbye and headed for the door. But it wasn’t over, there was a Trash the Dress still to come. And what a Trash the Dress it would be…

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