This wedding season has without any shadow of a doubt been the hottest in living memory. That’s a fact Jack. It’s been ludicrous out there in the trenches. Caity and Darren’s wedding at Brenaissance in Stellenbosch was no different with the sun being particularly violent on their wedding day. In an effort to try and take some of the pressure off what was going to be a very, very long day in the sun, I decided to arrive a little earlier than normal. I walked into Caity’s room at Brennaissance and the air-con was going at it full tilt. The relief was instant. The mood in the room was similar – cool, calm, serene. Which kind of sums up Caity’s personality. She’s a gentle girl and not the type to flap or get flustered. Super-duper. I shot her hair, make-up, accessories as we joked a bit and generally just had a darned fine time. An hour and a half later I popped up the road to shoot Darren and the boys getting ready. Now Darren was anything but cool, calm and collected – he was a blazing hot furnace of comedy festival on two legs. Few people out there are genuinely funny. Darren is one of those guys. Sincere to the very core, he’s an honest chap who calls it the way he sees it – and most of what he sees is terribly, terribly funny. As in ‘my stomach cymbalta generic venlafaxine hurts from laughing’ funny. I remember getting up pretty close to him with the camera. ‘Sorry bro,’ I said as I poked the camera into his face ‘it’ll be over before you know it.’ To which he replied: ‘Oh no please, keep going, I’m so loving this me time with the camera – don’t stop. Right now it’s all about me.’ But don’t get me wrong here – life isn’t a big joke to Darren. Rather, it’s there to be enjoyed and to revel in and he does it superbly. For all the laughter and fun, there were also some intensely emotional moments – like when he fought back those tears as Caity came down the aisle. And tears during the speeches. And tears during his speech. Yeah, this guy lives it man. As for Caity, well, she’s that rudder. The balance. The soothing influence. And so it went all day as both Caity and Darren just lapped up their wedding day. This is a love story that’s going to take the world by storm for sure. There’s just no other way.

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