Carly and Trevor, Suikerbossie. You know how sometimes you’ll have a day that whizzes by before it even started. This was one of those days. Carly and Trev booked me for 8 hours and by the time it was all over I didn’t even feel as though I’d warmed up. I usually get to my brides about 2 hours before the ceremony and this time it was no different. And by the time I left Carly to head down to Trev and the guests at the ceremony it felt as though 15 minutes had passed. Same for the ceremony and congrats – whizz, boom, over. Blink of an eye. Then came the formal photos. Blink. Finished. Then came the bridal party photos. And this is when time did pause for a bit because this bridal party was a handful to put it mildly. I’m not sure that the slopes above Suikerbossie have ever witnessed such pandemonium and I’m not sure they ever will again. I was going to tell you about it, but after sounding Helen out on whether or not I should, I er, I’m going to let sleeping dogs lie. It’s a story or two for long winter nights around a log fire with a bottle of wine (isn’t it my bridesmaids – huh?) Pandemonium I tell you. And as they say: ‘What goes on tour stays on tour.’ Let’s move on before I get the urge to spill the beans. Into the reception we went where Trev proved during his speech that he could easily host any talkshow on any major TV network globally and pull the crowds. Speeches over and into the dancing we went which turned into one major rock concert (thanks in large part to copious amounts of Tequila doing the rounds). I can state with complete confidence that Suikerbossie must have a large supply of Tequila in stock. I looked at my watch. It was time up, game over and my shirt was wet from the physical exertion. It felt as though the day had passed in an hour. It’s true – time does fly when you’re riding the wings of a high wild wind. There’s also more to come and I’m a tad nervous. Carly is about to undergo the torture and torment of a Trash the Dress with Warrie. Although seriously, I don’t think ANYTHING scares this girl. Watch this space…

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