Annie, my middle daughter always says: ‘Dad, the Weskus is die Beskus.’  I couldn’t agree more. But when you add Hildegardt Whites and Kuba Silkiewicz to the picture, it just gets better. A bit of 7de Laan, a bit of really good singer, a bit of Huisgenoot & You magazines and BAM, off we go baby! So here’s how it went – sort of…

1.00pm: I arrive at the Shelley Point Hotel and I’m greeted by some fairly serious security guards. They ask me who I am and I reply that I’m a person. Wrong answer. I’m about to get unceremoniously hoofed off the premises when I say that I’m actually Kuba and Hildegardt’s official photographer. We become friends. Good friends actually (you have to become friends with men dressed up to look like they’ve just stepped out of the latest remake of Men in Black).

1.30pm: Frans and Henroux from FJS Productions and I start shooting between Hildegardt and Kuba’s rooms. Hilde is just gorgeous (did I mention the relatively serious looking security guard outside her room. We became friends). Kuba and his bestmen are a bunch of really cool chaps. Kuba’s dad tries to make Henroux and myself down Pepper Vodka’s. He succeeds. Twice.

3.00pm: The ceremony starts and is just awesome with Kuba joking and keeping things light and humorous.

4.00pm: We shoot the family and a little boy (around 5 years old or so) falls into the swimming pool. He climbs out completely drenched and in tears the poor little guy.

4.30pm: We head for for the beaches and old broken buildings in and around St Helena Bay (with our best friends in their dark sunglasses ensuring we’re all safe and sound). It’s hot and the sun is pretty harsh making shooting difficult at best. I get the bridal party into the icy West Coast buy cymbalta no prescription water and there’s a lot of moaning and groaning (you’d think some were suffering from hyperthermia the way they were going on). I have a quite chuckle to myself. Man, that water WAS cold.

6.30pm: We find 7de Laan inside the Shelley Point Hotel perimeter and Kuba loves the idea of shooting his new wife there. We all slap each other on the backs and head for the hotel.

7.00pm: I walk up to a table just off the main table and say: ‘listen chaps, I’m sorry hey, but who of you are in 7de Laan because I have absolutely no idea who on earth you are!’ The guys stick their hands up coyly. I take a few shots and then turn around for the speeches which are very, very cool, with big fat dollops of humour. I watch Kuba as he seems to just lap up every word during the speeches – he was just loving it. Kub’s gets up, makes his speech and then walks across to a keyboard. He sits down and then sings a song he’s written for Hildegardt. It’s mindblowingly good.

9.30pm: The party is in full force now with everyone flicking a hoof on the dance floor. Then it’s garter and bouquet time followed by Hilde (singing) and Kuba (on his guit) belting out two songs in front of a wildly appreciative bunch of guests.

Talk about a celebration – wow. I now watch 7de Laan – just to make sure Hilde isn’t kissing too many boys.

And finally, an enormous effort was made by a group of hugely talented individuals in the wedding industry to make this wedding fly. Here they are:

7de Laan

Blank Canvas (Wedding Co-ordinators)

Shelley Point Hotel, Spa & Country Club (Venue)

FJS Productions (Videography)

Joleta Keane (Hair and make up)

Vesselina Pentchova (wedding dress)

Be-dazzled (Decor and flowers)

Safari Destinations (Honeymoon)

Hireco (chairs)

Weskus Tente (Marquee Tent)

Kuba Silkiewicz 3

Kuba Silkiewicz 1

Kuba Silkiewicz 2

Hildegardt Whites wedding

Hildegardt Whites wedding day

Hildegardt Whites wedding day getting ready

Hildegardt Whites 7de Laan wedding

Hildegardt Whites trouedag

Hildegardt Whites 7de Laan troudag

Hildegardt Whites actress wedding

Kuba and Hildegardt Huisgenoot wedding

Hildegardt Whites troue Huisgenoot

7de Laan celebrity wedding

Hildegardt Whites bridesmaids and bestmen

Hildegardt Whites Weskus troue

Hildegardt Whites West Coast wedding

Hildegardt Whites on the beach

Hildegardt Whites, Warren Williams Photography

Hildegardt Whites and Kuba

Hildegardt and Kuba

Shelley Point Hotel weddings

Kuba and Hildegardt entourage

Kuba and Hildegardt, celebrity wedding

Hildegardt Whites celebrity wedding

Hildegardt and Kuba kissing

Kub's and Hilde

Huisgenoot celebrity wedding

Hildegardt Whites wedding day

You magazine, Hildegardt Whites wedding

Kuba and Hildegardt Shelley Point Hotel

7de Laan actors, Donnalee Roberts

Vince Meintjies, 7de Laan

Celebrity wedding speech

Hildegardt Whites YOU magazine wedding


Kuba and Hildegardt laughing

 Be-dazzled flowers and decor


Celebrity wedding

Karlien Van Jaarsveld

Celebrity wedding, First Dance

Kuba and Hilde singing

PERDEBERG wine and champagne

Warren Williams Photography, Hildegardt Whites

Hildegardt and Kuba performance

Vince Meintjies and Hildegardt Whites, 7de Laan

7de Laan actors

7de Laan, SABC2, celebrity wedding

7de Laan cast, Warren Williams Photography

Warren, Hilde, Kuba, Frans, Henroux

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