Let’s see now, there are 5 600 wedding photos on my website. I’ve shot, hmmm, 500, maybe 600 weddings, maybe more. I can tell you the name of every bride and groom I’ve ever shot and where they got married, and pretty much everything about their day. And through all of those weddings, how many times have I seen a dad help his daughter into her wedding dress? Not once. Until Kate and Christian’s wedding that is. Here was a dad who got involved. He was up a ladder banging a nail into the pelmet one moment so that we could hang the dress from some indecent height above the staircase. Then he was making sure that everybody had enough to eat and drink, then he was doing up Kate’s dress and so on and so forth. It was rather refreshing actually. But let’s leave dad alone and move onto Kate and Christian. Firstly, Christian is one of those guys who shuttles people back and forth in a large tin can commonly known as an aeroplane. Being the first humanrightsfilmnetwork.org/cipro pilot I’ve ever shot, it gave me a good chance to quiz him about how safe those bloody things are. He reckons they’re cool – just jump in, throttle up and off you go. I’d rather stick hot needles into my eyes thank you very much. But yup, I’d feel fairly comfortable if he was the guy flying me around. Then there’s lovely, gorgeous Kate who to my absolute delight took to the camera like a seasoned warrior. She was quite incredible – so thanks Kate, you made my job a real pleasure. Finally, very few people these days opt for a morning wedding, and quite honestly, I don’t know why. They’re so fresh and crisp and just plain lekker. And when it’s at La Colombe at Constantia Uitsig you can’t really go wrong now can you. So there you go – and the next time you fly BA, listen out for a chap up front by the name of Christian Bohm – if he’s in the chair, you can rest easy. I think.

La Colombe wedding photos

Silverhurst Estate

Bridesmaids gift

Bridal rings

Bride getting dressed

Bride's dog

Groom and dog

Kate Thorrington

Robyn Roberts bridal wear

Bride and Sugarplum

Bride on couch

Christian and Kate, La Colombe

Kate Thorrington wedding

Bride's veils

Grooms aviation watch, groom & best man cufflinks

Dad giving bride away

Constantia Uitsig wedding, La Colombe

First Kiss

Groom kissing bride

Bride and groom intimate moment

La Colombe, Constantia Uitsig weddings

Constantia Uitsig, elegant wedding venue

Constantia Valley weddings

Morning weddings

Bride and bridesmaids

Vintage bridesmaids dresses

Autumn wedding ideas

Vintage wedding ideas

Kate and Christian's autumn wedding at Constantia Uitsig

Souther Suburbs wedding venues, Constantia, Newlands, Claremont

La Colombe menu

Constantia Uitsig wines

Constantia Uitsig wedding reception venue

First Dance

Cutting the cake


Bride and groom leaving, confetti

Wedding cars, Rolls Royce

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