‘CAN YOU HEAR ME?’ I was about 3 metres away from Cobus and Lizette and their families. I was met by completely blank stares. ‘MOVE CLOSER TOGETHER!’ Still blank stares. In the distance I thought I saw a house fly across the horizon. MOVE! CLOSER! TOGETHER! Blank stares. We were up at Seeberg in the West Coast National Park and to put it mildly, the wind was blowing a bit. Just a touch under hurricane level in all likelihood. ‘Whoops, there goes Oupa, screaming back to Cape Town at 120k’s an hour.’ Just another day in the life of a photographer and his wedding mob in the Fairest Cape. But at this juncture (with Ouma also hurtling off the rock and plummeting 40 metres downwind) let me say that nothing was going to stop us from getting our photos. And so everyone forged ahead regardless and in the end, we beat the wind hands down. BUT, this was all before the ceremony! Which brings me to my ¬†point. Nature can wreak artsandhealth.ie/valtrex/ absolute havoc with hair and make-up. So was I very thankful that the ever-faithful and professional Alicia Buckle stuck around to fix up Lizette in the event of any hair and make-up train smashes. What a girl, what a soldier! The good news, is that Alicia is no slouch when it comes to her job and Lizette emerged from the battering completely intact. Mooi so Alicia! And so off we went to The Strandloper where, as usual, warm smiles and welcomes greeted us. Lizette and Cobus are straight-down-the-line, everyday normal nice guys. They wanted a feet-in-the-sand wedding surrounded by family, friends and good old-fashioned West Coast hospitality. And that’s exactly what they got. Breads, jams, fires, seafood, curries, koeksisters and a view of the sea. Lekker goed. Any wedding should always be about creating a day of memories that will last a lifetime. In Lizette and Cobus’ case, I have no doubt that it was mission accomplished. Cheers!

Sunset wedding, Cape Town, South Africa

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Lizette and Cobus, The Strandloper

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The Strandloper Seafood Boma


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Wedding couple dancing outside

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Bride on the beach, Warren Williams Photography

Bride on the beach, Warren Williams Photography

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West Coast wedding, Cape Town

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