Darryl and Joni, Cape Point Vineyards. I’m often taken aback by just how balanced and solid some of my brides and grooms are. I’m also sometimes a bit taken aback at how unbalanced some of them are – in a weird, freak head, but delightful sort of way. Some have this deep inner strength. Others have this wild, slightly scary streak. When I got married I fell into the latter. I might still fall into that category actually. Darryl and Joni, however, fall into the former category. There’s not a heck of a lot that phases them. They just roll with it and lap up life. At their reception, Darryl stood up and delivered an absolute corker of a speech (so did his Bestman actually, but since it was Darryl’s wedding, we’ll talk Darryl). As I said, a corker of a speech. Straight from one heart to another heart. It was like a big, bold symphony. Groom’s speeches aren’t simple affairs – it’s a pressure cauldron for them and Darryl stepped up to the microphone with the courage of a lion to unleash an absolutely memorable keeper of a tribute to Joni (who just sat there and fell in love cheap cymbalta canada more and more with her husband). Beautiful stuff. Which brings me to my point: Chaps, when you prepare your speech, put effort into it. Don’t flipping sit down on the morning of your wedding and try to become a poet. Start early, finish a week beforehand, practice it a few times and boom, come wedding speech time you’ll absolutely nail it. Failing that, call Darryl and ask him to write your speech for you. Anyway, apart from the speech, I thought their wedding had been really well thought through on all levels with the food being particularly outstanding – well done Carolyn Singer of Carolyn’s Catering – amazing job! And rounding it all off? None other than the enigmatic and really talented and all-round really nice guy, Choni G. Mazel gov guys – just awesome! And then of course came the Trash the Dress…

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