A wedding at The Strandloper in Langebaan is always just awesome for wedding photography. Everywhere you look there’s another shot just begging to be taken. Now add David and Lindsay into the mix and what you have is trouble. These guys redefine the term ‘chill’. They also have a sense of humour second to none. As do their friends. I was doing a lot of chuckling on the side as I watched the day unfold. So here’s the deal. I’m going to deviate just slightly on this wedding to bring you some of the real behind the scenes ‘this is what we’re really like,’ off-the-cuff shots that don’t generally make it onto my site. These are some of the shots at weddings cymbalta generic substitute where I just stand back and let people get on with their own ‘expression session.’ Like David’s bestmen giving it their best ‘do you think we’re sexy and if you don’t think we are, bugger that we’re going to pose like this anyway’ poses. Like Lindsay and her girls hurling themselves down a sand dune. Like David and Lindsay flinging themselves off a rock. Like the bestmen passing two sexy babes on the beach (and then returning to chat them up and take advantage of 1 x photo opportunity.) Like David almost throwing his gorgeous new wife off a boat. Talk about having to have eyes in the back of your head.

Bride and groom jumping

Bridal make-up

Jolette Kean make-up

Bride having fun

Bride getting into dress

Bride and Warren Williams

Bridal dress details

Bride and garter

Groom waiting for bride on beach

Bride being serenaded

Bridal couple laughing

Wedding vows

Strandloper wedding

Wedding men

Wedding family

Bride, groom and bestmen

Bride, groom and mom

Wedding guests at the Strandloper

Bestmen on boat

Bestmen fooling around

Bestmen posing

Bestmen formals

Bride, groom and bestmen at the Strandloper

Bride and groom on boat

Bride and bridesmaids on sand dune

Groomsmen Langebaan Lagoon

Groomsmen on beach

Wedding beach bums

David and Lindsay wedding

Throwing the bouquet

Throwing the garter

Wedding speeches

Bride and groom during speeches

Groom's speech

Bride talking to guests

Groom chilling at The Strandloper

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