David and Elana, Kirstenbosch. My, my, what a wedding. You see, when I first meet my wedding couples I always try to imagine what their wedding day will be like simply by judging their personalities. Now David and Elana, bless their cotton socks, seemed like a fairly quiet, laid-back, relaxed couple. And they are. But personalities can be deceiving. I honestly thought their wedding would be that of the quiet variety. You know, some close family and friends eating dinner, maybe a dance or two, a kissie-poo here, a kissie-poo there. Er, no Warren, wrong assumption I’m afraid. Because jeeeeeepers, they unleashed all the party a party animal would be proud of. How no one actually escaped sustaining any grievous bodily harm during the festivities I will never know. I remember a moment in the midst of the Israeli Dancing where some chap, legs wrapped around some other chaps waist hurtled past me, his head a mere inch or so above the ground. The man was a human helicopter. An out of control humanrightsfilmnetwork.org/celebrex helicopter at that. I wanted to ask really nicely if they wouldn’t mind just dancing like normal people – you know, with their feet actually touching the ground. But airborne and the human missile thing seemed to be what everyone wanted. And let me tell you, danger on the dance floor wasn’t limited to just those in their 20’s and 30’s. The older generation were giving it just as much horns. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – shooting a Jewish wedding is like running the Comrades Marathon backwards. Twice. And then getting hit by a bus. It’s exhausting. But man, is it ever satisfying. David and Elana, whew, what a way to start married life together.┬áPlease can I come to your first anniversary party? I’ll start training today!

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