I’m going to let you into a secret. Actually, it’s more like a cold, hard fact. No wedding is easy to shoot. Not ever. Every wedding is its own Everest with its own ledges and peaks to navigate. And I never wake up on wedding day without thinking that it might be my time to slip and fall. Shooting a wedding is actually probably a bit like an overnight stay in prison – you’re not going to want to turn your back for too long and you’re definitely going to um, be pretty aware of what’s going on around you. I can tell you this much, by the time I’ve left any wedding I’ve ever shot, I feel like I’ve sprinted the Comrades Marathon backwards and then been run over by a bus before being charged by a rhino. Twice. Enter Dirk and Magdel, Old Mac Daddy. Now here’s the tricky part. They took Everest and flattened it. Dirk and Magdel were so phenomenally good in front of the camera that I was genuinely worried. I’m not sure what I was worried about, but I was worried. Things were going way to smoothly premier-pharmacy.com/product-category/birth-control/ even for my liking. I remember looking at my watch after about half-an-hour or so into the ‘formal’ photographs and wondering how on earth we could be so far ahead of time. Everything just clicked and fell into place perfectly and it was the two of them who, in their completely calm and unflappable way were making things happen. What a wonderful way to quick off the new season. But then weddings are all about teamwork I suppose. Everyone needs to pull together to a greater or lesser degree. And everyone did. But a very special mention must go to the awesome Alicia Buckle who did Magdel’s hair and make-up, as well as to Maggi Badenhorst of Edible Art Cakes. They’re just super-professional in every sense of the word and their work really does speak for itself. They’re the real unsung heroes, the behind-the-scenes juggernauts, the legends who work quietly, calmly and diligently to make it all happen. They just never, ever, ever fail to deliver. Take a bow girls. As for Dirk and Magdel, you’ll be seeing more of them. Watch this space…

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