Let’s kick this off like this shall we. Dylan went to a girls school down the road from SACS (which is a real boy’s school). Dylan’s mates also went to the same girls school as he did (the one in Rondebosch that can’t play rugby). You’ll find that if you look in the rugby record books, Percy Montgomery (yes, the Percy who holds just about every record that Springbok rugby can throw at a man) went to SACS (and not the one on Rondebosch). But to my utter amazement, Dylan managed to get the kind of girl that only SACS guys get – an awesome girl. Okay wait, I might get beaten up here in a moment, so let’s start again. Dylan went to Rondebosch – great school sir – always has been, always will be. I went to the school Percy went to. There, that’s settled. Anyway, so Dylan, Kristy and myself had two fairly lengthy meetings before their wedding day came around which involved a few beers and lots of banter. The mood was set and all that really mattered was that their wedding day came along. Which it did. At JC Le Roux out in Stellenbosch together with two very funny and happy dad’s, two very disco-dancing mom’s, and a whole bunch of very cute girls and ex-Rondebosch boys. It was good stuff all around and I don’t think I saw Dylan stop smiling once. It was as though he’d just come off the field having thumbed Bishops by 60-points (which as we all know, SACS does regularly, while Rondebosch doesn’t). Oh boy, am I enjoying doing this little write-up! Kristy and Dylan, I’m a bit sad your wedding is over, but here’s to a long and happy future to the two of you (and Kristy, if you do have a son one day, it’s fine to send him to Rondebosch – a lot of my best mates came from there and they turned out just fine – well, sort of.)

Bride and groom confetti

Groom getting radio at Stellenbosch Station

Groom and friends at Stellenbosch Station

Jane Field bridal make-up

bride and bouquet

Kristy Vernon

Bride in mirror

Bride reflection in mirror

Blride in bathroom with garter

Bridal car in Stellenbosch

Bride and dad getting out of wedding car

Bride and veil

JC Le Roux wedding photography

JC le Roux wedding photographers

Happy bride and groom

Confetti cones

Wedding group shot

Brides friends

Bride at JC le Roux

Bride on chair with garter, JC Le Roux, Stellenbosch

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Raquel and Kristy

Wedding dress designs, Cape Town

Pink bride bouquet with bride

Stellenbosch vineyard weddings

Wedding couple with wedding rings

Bride's mom and dad

Wedding guests table

Warren Williams Photography, JC Le Roux

Groom speech

JC Le Roux reception venue

Warren Williams Photography

Raquel Goate, bride's speech

Bride looking at tgroom during speech

First Dance wedding songs

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