I often say to people that probably about 90% or so of the photos I take have a story behind them. That’s a lot of stories. And often, very funny one’s at that. At Tam and Francois’ wedding at Boesmanland the stories abounded. Take for instance the one photograph below where Francois and his Bestmen are standing on the sand dune. You’ll see Francois absolutely wetting himself. What had happened is that I’d just told the guys to stare somewhat vaguely out to sea. The groomsman on the far right of the photograph then proceeded to try and be like some sort of movie actor staring across the great divide into the unknown. He looked absolutely ridiculous, so I told him as much in my um, special way (those of you who have been in front of my lens will know what I mean). Well, Francois absolutely lost control and clickety-click, there was the shot. And on we moved to the next shot and the next, creating story after story as we went. Take a look at the silhouette shot of two of Tam’s bridesmaids sorting out her dress on the top of the dune – a completely unposed moment. I remember shouting out: ‘hey, that’s awesome, it’s the wedding version of Iwo Jima!’ Click. And of course, what would Tam and Francois’ wedding have been without a few shots of the Bridesmaids ‘shoes.’ Do you have ANY idea how much work it took to get those shoes on! Tam’s bridal room looked like a war zone as they tussled this way and that to get them on. Wonderful wedding guys. And wonderful stories that I will absolutely cherish forever. I hope you do too.


Tamrin hair and make-up

Gorgeous bride

Bridesmaids feet

Bridesmaids getting ready

Bride getting ready

Bride getting ready

Bride, bridesmaids and Warren Williams

Bridesmaids getting ready

Wedding decor

Wedding decor

Wedding parasol

Wedding decor

Bride in wedding car

Groom waiting for bride

Tam in wedding car

Bride at reception venue

Dad giving bride away

Bridesmaids during ceremony

Bridesmaids during wedding ceremony

Wedding guests

Warren Williams wedding Photography

Bridesmaids legs

Exchanging wedding rings


Bride and groom signing register

Bridal party walking to Spreeu-Walle

Bride and groom on sand dune

Groom and bestmen laughing

Bride and bridesmaids having fun

Bridal party on sand dune

Bride and bridesmaids silhouette

Bridal party on sand dune

Boesmanland wedding

Tam and Francois on dune

Warren Williams Photography

Bride on sand dune

Brides veil in wind

Wedding party on rocks

Wedding party at beach

Beautiful bridesmaids

Wedding couple on the beach at sunset

Sunset kiss

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