Morgenhof Wine Estate in Stellenbosch is a lovely setting for a wedding. Vineyards, mountains, big pond, stunning architecture. You’d be forgiven for getting wrapped up in it all and forgetting yourself. Which is exactly what happened to me because when I arrived to shoot Fran, she’d become, um, two people. Which is fine if you’re schizophrenic, but not if you consider yourself a fairly well-adjusted human being. So I covered my one eye, then my other, then I just walked out of the room and started the whole ‘hello I’m here’ thing all over again. But the same thing happened. There were two Fran’s in the room. Now listen, I never have any hectic partying the night before a wedding so I knew something was amiss here. But it wasn’t, because Fran has 1 x identical twin sister called Ashley. So, long story short – if you want all-out confusion at a wedding, throw twins into the mix and hand me a camera. The only way I would know who was who for the rest of the day was because one fine lass was in a wedding dress and the other wasn’t. They could have swopped attire at any stage of the evening and I would have been completely unaware. Okay but wait, the confusion doesn’t end there, because when I asked Gary (the groom) where he was getting changed he just said: ‘I dunno.’ What do you mean ‘I dunno?’ You’re getting married chap. You need a place to put on your gear my boy. Long story short again – Gary wasn’t particularly phased about where to dress, so you want to know what happened? Well, look at the photos and you’ll find out soon enough where Gary, Luke ‘aka ‘Plakkies’ (he forgot his wedding shoes at home) and Justin primed and preened themselves! Nice work boys, I REALLY like your style!

Morgenhof Weddings, Stellenbosch

Groom and Bestmen with suites

Groom and groomsmen, Stellenbosch wedding

Grooms wedding clothes

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Wedding shirt

Groomsmen dressing

Groomsmen cravats

Groomsmen running late

Bride makeup

Bridal mascara

Bride and sister

Fran Cluver

Bride dressing

Bride and her dad

Bride coming down the aisle

Wedding vows, first kiss

Bride and groom leaving wedding ceremony

Taking photos at weddings

Bride surrounded by guests

Brides family photos

Grooms family photos

Wedding parasol umbrella

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Morgenhof homestead lane

Bride and groom old building

Fran and Gary wedding Morgenhof

Bride and groom Morgenhof garden

Bride and bridesmaids with parasol umbrellas

Wedding couples Morgenhof

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Brides mom wedding speech

Wedding guests at reception

Bride laughing

All the single ladies

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