I think Izandi has been watching to much youtube to be quite honest. Because the next thing it’s ceremony time and before we know it, the bestmen, followed by the bridesmaids come dancing down the aisle. Now normally this would have had me going: ‘okaaaaaaay, this could be interesting.’ But I was very pleasantly surprised because it really worked – and well. Then the man of the moment, Mr Du toit Serdyn made his appearance and it was game on…

Bridesmaids dance

Wedding guests at Blydschap Bridesmaids vintage dresses bestmen dance Groom's entrance Brides entrance Bride and her dad Warren Williams Photography, Izandi van Wyk Blydschap wedding venue Izandi and Du Toit's wedding Izandi, Du Toit, wedding guests Wedding guests laughing Bride and groom hug

Ceremony over, it was time to gear up for the ‘formals’ and as per normal we had more than our fair share of laughter. I must make special mention here of Izandi’s mom who has long been someone who has always voiced here support for me – ‘Dankie ma, ek waardeer dit baie .’ And while we’re doing the ‘thank you’s’ I’d also like to make mention of FJS Productions who produced Izandi and Du toit’s video. I cannot speak highly enough of Henroux and Frans who absolutely epitomize professionalism. I’m truly flabbergasted at some of the back-biting and vindictiveness that I hear about in this industry. It’s good to know that people like Henroux and Frans do what they do from the heart – with creativity, flair, politeness and enthusiasm.  A very special team indeed.  Okay enough jabbering – moving on swiftly… Wedding guests Bride's brother

Bride's family

Bride's family 2

Bride and groom's dads

Groom and parents

Warren Williams Photography, Blydschap

Bride and mom

Izandi and Nana

Bridesmaids and couple

Bridesmaids shadows

Bridesmaids dancing

Couple kissing, Lion's Head

And finally, we headed into the reception for a bit of this, a bit of that, good food, laughter and tears at the speeches, some exceptionally interesting dancing by those who’d had a glass or 6 of wine and of course, Du Toit’s famed ‘wurm dans’…

Light outside Blydschap

Bride and groom's reception entrance

Cutting the wedding cake

Bestman's speech

Best friend's wedding speech

Bride crying during speech

Bride and groom laughing during speeches

Groom's speech

Main wedding table

First Dance

Wedding reception party

Wedding entertainment, saxophone

Wedding guests dancing

Guests partying

Wedding guests

Izandi pointing and laughing

Du Toit's wurm

So that’s that. Izandi van Wyk is now Mrs Serdyn and if you ever want a wedding planner that’s got it all, then Izandi is your girl. Here’s her site: http://www.ido4u.co.za/ Congrats guys and here’s to a long and happy life together with all your little Serdyntjies.

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