Trust me, I don’t get cold. I’m known to wear t-shirts and shorts in mid-winter without much fuss. But, wow, at Corrien and JJ’s wedding the wind had a bit of a bite to it. Corrien and her bridesmaids had goose-bumps on their goose-bumps and were digging deep I can tell you (in fact, Corrien woke up with a bit of a cold the following day). But hey, it was her and JJ’s wedding day for crying out loud and we had to do what we had to do right? Actually, the cause of the cold was all JJ’s fault. You see, he asked me to go and have a look at this farm down the road from Nitida where the ceremony and reception were held. So off I went to take a look about 2 weeks before the wedding. When I got there, I met Oom JP Melck who told me I was welcome to shoot anywhere. I thought I’d died and gone to heaven – the place was tailor-made for something different (and I do love something different you know). So come wedding day I couldn’t wait to get down to the farm. But once we got there, I wasn’t too sure whether JJ’s idea was all that clever because I could see the girls freezing their bums off. Luckily, JJ’s best men were a complete hoot and deflected a lot of the attention away from the Icelandic blizzard blowing through. Corrien had told me before the wedding that she didn’t care about the weather as long as we got some good shots. Well, she sure led from the front, doing anything asked of her. Which is why I will maintain to my dying day that my wedding chicks absolutely rock! Even though I try to make everything as comfortable and seamless as possible at a wedding, deep down I know that it’s not always easy for my brides and grooms. But they never let me down, and for that I am eternally grateful. Okay, before we all burst into tears, here are some of their photos. I always tell my brides and grooms that they’ll get a minimum of 500 photos, but there won’t be any restrictions. If there are 600 goodies, then so be it, if there are 700 decent pics, then so be it. Corrien and JJ cracked 849 photos. Styyyyling! Loved your wedding guys, absolutely loved it!

Farm wedding

Alicia Buckle hair and make-up

Alicia Buckle make-up artist

Alicia Buckle make-up artist

Bridesmaids in brides room

Alicia Buckle hair styling

Bride getting ready


Bridal make-up

Bride getting dressed

Bridesmaids dressing bride

Moody portrait of bride in wedding gown

Bride in wedding gown

Bride putting on garter

Bride putting on ear rings

Bride looking in mirror

Bridal dress details

Bridal portraits

Corrien in wedding dress

Pre-ceremony wedding photos

Close-up wedding portrait

Bridal car

Bride arriving for ceremony

Dad giving bride away

JJ & Corrien

JJ & Corrien wedding ceremony

JJ & Corrien wedding

Die Bybel

Ring bearer

Beautiful bride

First wedding kiss


Playful bride and groom

Farm wedding, Warren Williams Photography

Cute bridal leggings

Corrien and bridesmaids at car

Bride and bridal car

Wedding car with bride

Bride and bridesmaids at car

Bride and groom kissing at car

Bride, groom, bestmen, farm wedding

Bride, best men and groom at wedding car

Bride, groom and bridesmaids

Bride with gloves

Bride and groom laughing

Bride and groom playful

JJ & Corrien grunge

Grunge wedding photos

Wedding shed

Bride and groom laughing

Bride on tractor wheel

Nitida weddings

Black & white close-up of bride

Bride chilling

Creative wedding photography

Bride and groom creative wedding photography

Bride and groom intimate moment

JJ & Corrien's wedding

Bride and groom landscape

Bride and groom old gate

Creative wedding photos

Bride against rusted backdrop

Rustic wedding

Rusted wedding backdrop

Bride against warehouse

Supermodel bride

Supermodel bride posing

Fun wedding photography

Bride and groom in warehouse

Bride and groom in workshop

Traditional bride and groom with a twist of humour

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