Jo and Albert were married at the Sea Trader in St Helena Bay. The end. Nope, it didn’t really happen like that. This was a 3-day, no holds barred, complete and utter bender. It all started on Friday afternoon at Jo’s folks house (dodgy sea view and all) with a pretty impressive seafood braai. Now let me tell you, while some people are wine connoisseurs, I’m a bit of a seafood connoisseur. I take my seafood far too seriously. If it’s not prepared brilliantly I’ll drop a comment or two. That’s because I know a thing or two about making it. And so the braai began – and it didn’t disappoint! Seared tuna, breads and mussel soup, mussels in a sweet chilli sauce (topped with mozzarella), Snoek, Hottentot, Angel fish, calamari, sosaties, oysters and so on and so on and so on. Jo’s dad Les and myself did some  bonding (a very, very proud SACS man that), and then, well then all of Jo’s bridesmaids arrived. Problematic. You see, one bridesmaid (Lauren) and groomsman (Pablo) were an ex-bride and groom of mine. Result? Bond session. Some of the other of Jo’s bridesmaids were also bridesmaids at La and Pablo’s wedding. Result? More bonding and high 5’s. Bit of a Matjiesfontein reunion! So the wine and beer flowed, the fire burned and the convo was good. Helen and myself wrenched ourselves away early enough (in immaculate cheap cymbalta condition I might add) in preparation for wedding day.

Wedding day arrived and I honestly thought there would be a couple of stragglers battling to make it through the proceedings at the Sea Trader. Clearly not with this bunch. They were more than up for it, all on their best behaviour and scrubbed up good. Jo was a bit nervous, but completely aced the ceremony as I knew she would. Then we sailed through the pics and into the reception where… the wine flowed and the convo was good. By the time I left there was one heck of a party on the go. These guys know how to show respect to a dance floor. I got back to our holiday house in Langebaan, threw some wood onto a fire and for the next 2 hours sat and reflected on what had been an awesome 2 days. The following morning I woke up and seriously considered driving back to St Helena for day 3 of the festivities – a spit braai at Jo’s folks’ place. Probably a good idea I didn’t. All 120-whatever guests had had the same idea. And they all pitched!

Jo and Albert, Sea Trader Warren Williams Photography-24Warren Williams Photography-15Jo and Albert, Sea Trader Warren Williams Photography-26 Warren Williams Photography-13

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