Relaxed, laid-back and informal. That probably best describes Johan and Juanita’s wedding at Leipzig Country House in Worcester. And why? Because that’s the way Johan and Juanita are. When I arrived in the car park at Leipzig Country House, I climbed out of the car, got smacked in the face by 35-degree heat, turned around, and there was Johan, cool as a cucumber. We had a slow walk around the estate and then off I went to Juanita’s room where the air-con was very, very welcoming. The bridesmaids and myself then went off to find a spot to hang Juanita’s dress so that I could shoot it. Cool, calm, collected. Back to Juanita. No fuss, no rush, just peace. I don’t know about the girls but I started feeling like I was at a spa treatment! In fact, a mid-afternoon generic cymbalta ineffective snooze crossed my mind more than once. And so it went. From service to reception there was no stress, no strain, no panic. Even when it came to the post-ceremony photos, everyone just tagged along without a care in the world as I blabbered away (and believe me, it was sizzling hot out there in the sun). At 10.30pm when I climbed back into the car to drive all the way back to Cape Town I felt like I’d been on holiday. Well, sort of. Chaps, carry that attitude with you through life and you’ll live to 120 years of age and have 60 grandchildren. Love your style! And one last thing – I’ve discovered the finest brandy tart on the planet. It’s at Leipzig – go there, taste it, die and go to heaven – it’s awesome!

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