I met Farrah for the first time  the day before her wedding. She walked straight up to me, gave me a big hug and a kiss and said: ‘Howzit dude! Nice to finally meet you.’ Uh, okay, if you say so. And that was that, we got on like a house on fire. We walked around the gardens at Picardie Guest Farm, dodged quite a bit of goose poo, parked off and chatted on an old wagon – we just kind of bonded a bit. I left an hour and a half later feeling pretty good about shooting Farrah and Jono’s wedding day. Which brings me to Jono – I met him for the first time about 27 minutes before the ceremony began. He enjoys getting stuck into his career does our Jono, so he only flew in from Namibia at the very last minute. Good solid, buy cymbalta 60 mg hardworking chap. And so off we went, clicking away, shooting the breeze and having a whole lot of fun. Farrah and Jono were awesome to shoot. He’s the anchor, while Farrah is the yacht with a big spinaker – she blows with the wind and it was really refreshing to work with a girl who just throws all of her trust at you and then jumps into the photos at the deep end. Wonderful stuff and just the attitude I needed at the end of a very long and tough year. Thanks ‘dudes,’ you made your wedding one to remember. And that DJ friend of yours sure knows a thing or two about spinning the discs. Oh, and in case you’re wondering (which you probably aren’t), that goose poo we dodged the day before was all picked up and Picardi was spick and span come wedding day.

Professional wedding makeup

Bride and groom traditional fun pose

Farrah with bridal makeup

Fun bride

Farrah getting ready

Mom kissing bride

Wedding decor

Wedding butterfly decor

Bridal veils

Bride, bridesmaids

Groom waiting for bride at wedding altar

Father giving away bride

Grooms vows

Bride and groom exchanging vows

Groomsmen laughing

Bridesmaid during service

Kissing at the alter

Wedding guests group shot

Bride and bridesmaids fun

Groom and groomsmen drinking beer

Bride, groom, bridesmaids, bestmen on jetty

Bride and groom kissing on jetty

Quirky bride on chair

Bride having fun on chair

Fun Cape Town wedding photography

Bride showing garter

Bride and groom jumping in the air

Paparazzi bride

Bride and groom at Picardie Guest Farm

Brides garter, Picardie Guest Farm

Picardie Guest Farm wedding venue

Farrah and Jono at reception

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