Bless JP and Kirsten’s little hearts – they got married in Johannesburg which meant I had to climb onto a plane. I need you to know that I was exceptionally brave for the two hours it took to get there, not questioning whether or not the pilot knew what he was doing even once. When we landed, I asked my wife to feel my palms which where somewhat clammy to say the least. Then it was into the Jo’burg traffic (big traffic, huge traffic) with the good old GPS. Jo’burg people are seriously friendly. Everyone says: ‘Hi-jack’ as you drive on by. Anyway, in no time at all we were at the Johannesburg Country Club which I really thought was a fantastic venue (and they serve a killer cheese-burger for those who are interested). But let’s get to the wedding part shall we. I first met JP when I shot Natalie and Gavin’s wedding at Kanu in Stellenbosch. He was one of the bestmen with a bloody good sense of humour to boot. Now it was his turn to do the wedding thing. We met JP and Kirst at the club, had a quick chat and then it was off to the guest house for an early night. The weather was looking a bit dodgy, but when we awoke the next morning, Johannesburg had decided to give us the best day possible. It turned into a fine day indeed. Kirsten had her mom and dad and her mates with her as she got ready. I really like it when the whole mob are around the bride because it just makes for such a good vibe. Then it was off to the church for the ceremony – good stuff with a choir thrown in for good measure. After that it was off to the Johannesburg Country Club for the formals which took a bit of thinking on the feet for one or two reasons and then reception time which I thought went off brilliantly. The next morning it was back onto the dreaded plane once again (the captain got it right and landed us safely back in Cape Town, sweaty palms and all). JP and Kirst have headed back to England. Loved your wedding guys, loved it a lot!


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