No wedding is ever average. But to coin a phrase, this home wedding in Hermanus was not your average wedding. Not on your Nelly. When Judy first contacted me about shooting her and Jo’s wedding she told me they were getting married at home in Hermanus. She doesn’t know this, but I remember raising my eyebrows somewhat. Getting married at home is not only a bit unusual, but quite honestly, to pull it off properly is not an easy feat. You actually need a bit of vision. And you need class. And you need big, heaped shovel-loads of ‘goetspa.’ I was somewhat skeptical to say the least. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, never, ever, ever pre-judge what a wedding day is going to be like. And always arrive with a ton of positivity and confidence. Which is what I did. And boy oh boy what a day, what a treat, what an astoundingly brilliant wedding it was. Jo and Jude’s decided not only to go the home route, but they also decided to throw in a Great Gatsby theme for good measure. ‘Goetspa’ indeed. So there I’m standing, shooting some decor, chatting to some of the mob, giving Bear (their dog who joined us for some photos on the rocks for good generic cymbalta effectiveness measure) a tummy tickle and the next thing ‘ding dong’ and guests start arriving. As the first few entered I did a double take. This bunch were taking things seriously and were dressed to the nines. More guests arrived, then more. The mood was amazing – almost like a big reunion. Hollywood would have had a field day. The next thing, Judy came down the ‘aisle,’ the ceremony took place, then lots of kissing, hugging and congratulations and tray after tray of gob-smackingly awesome food started appearing. And for the next 4 hours it just kept coming, interrupted only briefly for quality speeches, belly-dancing girls and dance lessons that had guests doing the Tango and Cha-Cha-Cha in next to no time. Oh, and Jo has 3 pinball machines in his man cave (yup, man cave – cool dude this) which didn’t stop pinging and zinging and boinking all day long. I looked at my watch. It was home time. I didn’t really want to go. I just wanted to stay in this fantasy dreamworld movie set. So Jude’s and Jo, PLEASE, just throw a party – any party. And phone me, because I’ll be there like a shot! You guys really do rock – immensely.

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