Let’s get stuck into some credit where credit is due stuff shall we? So firstly, I’m quite partial to a snack at a wedding, and usually these are to be found in the bride’s bedroom as she’s getting ready. I’m not big on mini-hamburgers – to much to pop into your mouth as you pass on by. Mini-samoosas are good though. Spring rolls hit the spot as well. Some Chuckles are good. Little cupcakes come in handy here and there to keep the energy levels up. And then (and here comes the first punt – hashtag Woolies), those fresh little cherry things (with stalk) – now those are properly more-ish. Woolworths does them all rather well, so if you want my snack order girls, there it is.

Now for punt number two. I finish shooting Arlene (and eating cherries) and make my way down to the ceremony area at Langverwagt where I absolutely encounter the voice of an angel. Now there are those who can sing and then there are those, who when they open their mouths, have you going: ‘wowzers, that’s incredible.’ The angel in this instance was a delightful young lady called Lize Mynhardt. She sat to one side of the ceremony premier-pharmacy.com/product-category/mans-health/ area, guitar in hand and just let it go. I’m quite big on collecting cover versions of various songs. One such song that I have a few versions of is Springsteen’s Dancing in the Dark. Lize did her version – unplugged, slow, moody. It was nothing short of brilliant. But then so was everything else she performed. It would do you good to contact her on lizemynhardt@gmail.com

Punt three. The venue. Not only is Langverwagt a heck of a nice venue to shoot at, but the contact I had with all of their staff was amazing. Nothing was too much trouble. Everyone was considerate and genuinely involved and interested in making Jurie and Arlene’s day one to remember. Hats off chaps, you did good.

So there you go – Woolworths, Lize and Lanverwagt combined to make Jurie and Arlene’s day magnificent. Of course, it had nothing to do with the bridal couple, their family and friends being marched around the grounds on a seriously hot day for photographs without so much as even one moan. Not too shabby when a plan comes together! Here are a few of their photos…

Warren Williams Photography-5

Warren Williams Photography-4

Warren Williams Photography-6

Warren Williams Photography-12

Warren Williams Photography-3

Warren Williams Photography-26

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Warren Williams wedding photography, Langverwacht

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