Kelly and Guy, Suikerbossie. Now let’s see – we all know that brides are generally fairly calm and in control.Especially during the pre-match build up when their war paint is applied and they step into their armour. Kelly was no different as she started getting ‘into the zone’ at Silvermist Estate. Okay, there was an air of excitement  and lots of chatter and laughter – but calm nonetheless. Feeling confident that everything was under control, I headed up to Guy’s room. I knocked. And entered. And who did I see in the passage? Guy. Ironing. Well, he was trying to iron his shirt anyway – pushing it backwards and forwards as one does. He turned to me and said  something along the lines of: ‘Bud, this is the last time I’ll ever iron a shirt again.’ And then he laughed. Of course, had Kelly heard that comment he’d have been dead meat at 50 yards. Anyway, just throwing it out there for you Kelly. No more ironing for our Guy now you hear. Not ever. He’s put his foot down and that’s generic duloxetine duvanta 30 mg that. But seriously, if the truth be told, wowzers, here was a groom that just couldn’t stop beaming. Like really. Flat-out, proud, excited, ear-to-ear smiling from the moment he saw Kelly until the moment I left. I remember saying to him during their couples shoot that he wasn’t actually going to get kissing Kelly right if he kept on smiling and laughing. It was flipping cool stuff – just this unbridled sense of ‘wow, look who I just married – I can’t believe it, can you’. His openeness and transparency was just inspirational. But anyway, lets allow bygones to be bygones and get back to the matter of ironing. Kelly, you may want to sit Guy down for a little chat. Before he decides that changing nappies aren’t really his thing… I’m outta here! And I’m running.

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