Lisa and James, The Roundhouse. Over the years I’ve come to realise that there are 6 kinds of dancing specialists at weddings. Firstly, there are those who get onto the dance floor and look thoroughly bored – no expression, no happiness, just a sort of slight shuffle (and make no mistake, they’re having a smashing time). Secondly, there are those who actually think they can dance, but can’t – at all. They’re an interesting group because they really do believe they look quite sexy, but um, oh boy. Anyway, let’s leave it at that. Thirdly, there are those who have been completely unable to pace themselves with the wine and champagne. These are normally girls. They’re a highly entertaining bunch because every inhibition on the planet has been lost and believe me, if they saw some of the photos I see in the midst of battle they’d just diiieeee doll. It’s a case of me going ‘oh my goodness no’ – delete photo. Fourthly, there are the maniacs. These are normally boys and their mission is to jump as high as they can into the air, hurl themselves onto other boys backs and tackle anything that moves, including grannies and aunties. Fifth on the list are the ‘ever so naughty one’s’ – usually the older generation, usually female, who love to give a little pinch or pat on the bum and a wink as I pass by. I could tell you a few stories believe me. And finally, there are the one’s who actually can dance. And at Lisa and James’ wedding, Lisa falls squarely into this category. Probably because she’s a dancer by profession. And whoa did she dance, and dance and dance. From guest to guest all night long. Come to think of it James didn’t do too badly himself. What a day. What a night. Standing ovation guys – all the way! Just another incredibly satisfying day at the office.

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