It’s not often one gets to photograph a luxury boat wedding at sea. But then it’s not often that the HMS Iron Duke sails into Table Bay either. Thankfully it did. And aboard was none other than our groom, Mikey. We’d exchanged a few emails while the frigate was making it’s way down the coast of Africa to Cape Town. Bit of a military exercise and all trying to plan things, but eventually, Mikey and myself got it right. Bex on the other hand took the easier option and simply flew in from the UK. During our back-and-forth emails, I managed to persuade Mikey to hire the services of the incredibly talented Frans and Henroux of FJS Productions. ‘Mikey, it’s not EVERYDAY you get married on a luxury boat in Table Bay. And it’s not EVERYDAY you anchor off Clifton, one of the world’s most famous and beautiful beaches to exchange wedding vows. Anyway, trust me, these guys will capture your wedding in a way that will make your jaw drop.’ The arm-twisting went on and eventually he succumbed. Hmmm, he’s going to love the final product they dish up I can tell you that much. So off we sailed, spotting a whale, a school of dolphins and being completely gobsmacked at how Lion’s Head changes its shape every few degrees. Bex was quaranteened in her cabin until we reached Clifton, sipping champagne and taking in the sites through her windows. And then it was ceremony time, vows, canapés and a slow return to the V&A Waterfront. It truly was an experience I shall never forget. Then into the cars we jumped to navigate through the traffic on our way to Blouberg for a few photos. Now what Bex didn’t know is that good old Warren Williams does quite like a bit of sea water at the end of a peaceful cruise. Nothing like the ice cold Atlantic to get the blood flowing before dinner. So we shot a few dune photos to get her all excited, and then I sent her into the water to scare the hell out of her. Which she did, no problem (except for the odd sideways glare). Oh and let’s not forget Mikey’s role in all of this as he whispered sweet motivations into her ear. Good on you guys! Mikey, bon voyage – you’re somewhere in the mid-Atlantic right now, and Bex, you’re a true Queen of Table Bay! In the words of Sir Francis Drake, see you guys on your next trip down to the ‘fairest Cape in the whole circumference of the earth.’ And that my friends, is why Cape Town just has to be one of the finest wedding destinations in the world.

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