Mari and Maciej, Haute Cabriere, Franschhoek. The human race is fascinating really. We have different dress codes, different belief systems, different just about everything. Including different languages. Throw 50 people into a room who all speak a variety of languages and you can be rest assured that they’ll find a way to communicate, get along and ultimately have fun. From ‘hello, pleased to meet you,’ to ‘uphilile namhlanje,’ to ‘Fgfjbhfkjbv Vdfvdbzisk’ they’ll find a way. And so it was at Mari and Maciej’s wedding (pronounce his name ‘Magic’ and you’re kind of sort of there) that a whole heap of languages came together. Through hand gestures, some charades and a few smoke signals, the guests managed to have a thoroughly entertaining evening and I managed to get the photos done to roars of laughter. There’s that well-known clip on the Internet where the photographer jumps around like someone possessed to get the shots. Yup, it was a bit like that at times! We do what we have to do to get the shots right? Standing back and observing the way people were getting their messages across to each other was supremely entertaining. One person standing and making a point with a small demonstration, the other person nodding in absolute agreement. Both speaking completely different languages. Supeeeerb. If weddings are about connecting people, that’s it right there. But how’s this – as I was climbing into the car to head back home, I heard these footsteps behind me. It was Maciej, out of breath. He thrust a bottle of red wine into my hand and said: ‘Thank you.’ I looked at him in astonishment. ‘You didn’t need to do that Maciej. Seriously.’ He shook my hand. ‘Thank you.’ And he disappeared into the night.

Mari and Maciej, Haute Cabriere, Franschhoek Mari and Maciej, Haute Cabriere, Franschhoek Mari and Maciej, Haute Cabriere, Franschhoek Warren Williams PhotographyWarren Williams Photography Beautiful bride monochrome Warren Williams Photography-12 Warren Williams Photography-13 Warren Williams Photography-14 Mari and Maciej, Haute Cabriere, Franschhoek Warren Williams Photography-15 Warren Williams Photography-17 Wine cellar weddings Warren Williams Photography-19 Warren Williams Photography-2Warren Williams Photography-31 Warren Williams Photography-3 Warren Williams Photography-21 Warren Williams Photography-22 Warren Williams Photography-24 Warren Williams Photography-23 Warren Williams Photography-4 Warren Williams Photography-5 Warren Williams Photography-27 Warren Williams Photography-32 Warren Williams Photography-26 Warren Williams Photography-6 Warren Williams Photography-25Warren Williams Photography-41 Warren Williams Photography-42 Warren Williams Photography-46 Warren Williams Photography-47 Warren Williams Photography-40 Warren Williams Photography-38 Warren Williams Photography-35 Warren Williams Photography-34Warren Williams Photography-7 Warren Williams Photography-36 Warren Williams Photography-33 Warren Williams Photography-37 Warren Williams Photography-39 Warren Williams Photography-45 Warren Williams Photography-44

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