Ah, a bride and groom who did things a little differently! Welcome to Michan and Emile’s wedding.So how did this wedding go off?  Well, Michan and Emile decided to do the brave thing and have their photos taken before the actual service. It worked out brilliantly as we took  a 45-minute trek around the Leipzig Country House estate, blowing off steam and any nerves before heading down the aisle for a vow or two, some rings and that infamous’ first kiss. The boys were a bunch of all-round good guys – giving it the ‘blue steel’ look while our bride and bridesmaids were simply SUPER-EXCITED (private wedding joke, you had to be there I’m afraid). Then it was off to the service (held in the old brandy cellar on the estate). I really liked Michan’s marshmallows dipped into hot chocolate sauce idea to keep the guests going as we did the family photos. But let’s head into the reception shall we? All the official bits and pieces done, this wedding turned into one wild party. (This is the part where this could start to go belly-up, but I’ll try and hold it together and keep it R rated).

bride at washing line

So… First dance? All good – Michan got through it in style. Second, third and fourth dances? Keen guests started giving it their best shot. Dances 5 – 50? A bit like aerobics on steroids actually. And then, just when you thought it was all over… karaoke time.   And this mob gave it absolutely EVERYTHING. And I mean EVERYTHING. And I can promise you one thing. No matter what they say, these guys cannot sing. At all. They’re absolutely bloody aweful.  But nobody cared, because the point was all about having a good time, which I’m confident they succeeded in achieving.  So it was a win-win situation all round as ‘The Concert in Leipzig’ set the outskirts of Worcester alight.

Helen and I left early the next morning for another wedding shoot. Needless to say, our karaoke kings and their groupies were still sound asleep – and I reckon would be for a good few hours more!

wedding table setting

wedding reception table setting

bridal roses

Brides dress and shoes

bridal decor


bride putting on garter

bride with champagne and bridesmaids

Blue-eyed bride

bride and groom before ceremony

bride and groom black & white

wedding vows

groom laughing

Wedding couple kiss

bride eating marshmallows

bride leipzig country house

Bridal landscape

bride at labourers cottage

groomsmen and bride at cottage

bride and groom vineyards leipzig

bride and groom vineyards sunset

bride and groom in vineyard

bride and groom in vineyards with mountains

bride and groom kissing in vineyards

leipzig wedding venue vineyards

bride and groom leipzig country house

bride and groom at gate

Bride and groom sitting in chairs

bride and groom laughing

bride and groom first dance

bride and guests leipzig country house

wedding reception party

wedding guests partying

wedding guests cheering

bride dancing

bride and guests

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