Nick and Vjorn, Stone’s Edge Farm, Gifberg. Oh boy, I’ve seen some extraordinary places shooting weddings. But there’s a place that takes the cake. It’s called Gifberg. To get there, you first have to stop and be amazed at the Kokerboom Nursery in Vanrhynsdorp. Such an awesome place. After that, you turn right at the church, then left, and then just kind of keep going as intuition takes over. Gifberg is sort of poised halfway between Cape Town and Namibia. It’s the kind of spot you want to take your mountain bike and just disappear for a week or two. It was at Stone’s Edge Farm, slap-flipping bang in the middle of Rooibos turf that Nick and Vjorn decided to get married. Bit of a bonus that this is actually their family farm, so family and friends all arrived the day before for a few beers, a swim or two in the dam, some hiking, a potjie – you get the picture. It’s SERIOUSLY beautiful up there. I was just blown away – everywhere I looked there was a photo opportunity. They could have had a weeklong wedding and I still wouldn’t have run out of ideas. So ja, Friday evening was a few beers and a lot of chitchat. I know Elma (Vjorn’s mom) from waaaaaay back in the good old advertising days so it was pretty cool to catch-up about some of the fine people (and knobs) we once worked with. Wedding morning dawned and it was probably the most chilled buid-up I’ve ever been involved in. Dogs, dam, sandwiches, beer, children, mates, water-pistols, Nick’s drone overhead, and some quite impressive heat. Ceremony time arrived and I decided to just stay in my shorts and t-shirt and throw on a pair of running shoes (didn’t want to overdress you know). This was a hard wedding to shoot. A LOT of bright light and shadows and some tough angles. But hey, we did it dudes. Loved the decor, loved the mates and the kids. Loved the dogs. Loved the fam. Loved the entire attitude and approach and togetherness and openness of absolutely everyone. The reception was supeeeeerb. Lots of salads, fish, pastries, cheeses – all those delicious goodies you want to eat – all put together by the very talented folk of Letsatsi Game Lodge. Then came the steak and the mushroom sauce as the beers flowed into dancing into some fairly raucous celebrating. Nick and Vjorn’s good mate Ingrid Louw of Ingrid Louw Bespoke also needs a shoutout for a fantastic effort in setting so much up in properly hot conditions. I left at 5.30am the following morning. Very satisfied and very happy. Thanks for choosing me Nick and Vjorn. That’s a heck of a memory in the bank – rock paintings, 4 x 4 tracks, views that stretch forever… I’m in love.

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