Whenever I first meet my wedding couples they’re often in two minds as to how to plan their weddings. So I tell them to do things according to one simple rule and that’s simply, do it your way. Which is exactly what Nigel and Carly did. They broke with a lot of tradition at their wedding and it worked fantastically. Firstly, after the service, they shuttled their guests down to the riverside at Val de Vie for pre-drinks. The aim was for Nigel and Carly to be alone together for a while after the service. Well sort of alone, because I was in tow. So I shot their photos first and then we jumped into my car (which is perfect for a wedding car because it stinks of dogs fart, kids’ running shoes and Smarties) and headed down to the river. Once there, Nige and Carly spent some time with their guests before we did the family and bridal party photos. Then it was back up to Val de Vie proper for the reception where they entered, cut the cake and launched into the speeches. Then, instead of throwing the garter and bouquet, they gave them away to some special friends instead (one couple is getting cymbalta vs. generic duloxetine married shortly and the other are expecting a baby – very, very nice touch). And then finally, instead of a traditional first dance, the DJ cranked up the tunes and Nige and Carly randomly grabbed guests from the sides of the dance floor and proceeded to squeak some proper takkie. That said, I absolutely have to make my feelings felt about the staff and the service at Val de Vie. It is quite extraordinary. These guys know exactly how to treat their guests. And the funny thing is that as a service provider you also get made to feel like a guest. They just make you feel so at home from the minute you walk in until the minute you leave, it’s incredible. Whoops, one last thing – Robyn Roberts – my dear girl, you and your staff continue to astound me with your wedding dress creations. Keep them coming! Here are a few of Nigel and Carly’s photos then…

Perfect wedding venue

Bridal accessories Bridal bracelet Carly make-up Carly wedding make-up Carly getting ready Bridesmaid looks on Warren Williams Photography at Val de Vie Bride in mirror Carly in mirror

Bridesmaid looking out window
Robyn Roberts creation at Val de Vie Carly in a Robyn Roberts dress Gordon's Dry Gin wedding Val de Vie weddings Groom in bar before wedding Wedding guest Nigel waiting for Carly Guest photographer Val de Vie Rolls Royce Thirsty bride! Kids at wedding Nigel at Val de Vie Carly arriving Wedding guests during service Wedding service reading Bride and groom at Val de Vie Beautiful Val de Vie wedding Ring ceremony First Kiss! First Kiss at wedding Signing of the register Nigel and Carly in Val de Vie Rolls Royce Riverside drinks at Val de Vie Wedding guests pre-drinks Val de Vie Cool wedding guest Child having fun at wedding Carly behind tree. Little girl playing at wedding Bridal party Groom in front of Val de Vie Bride and groom Val de Vie Wedding dress close-up Bride and groom alone Bridal couple Warren Williams Photography

Reception decor

Wedding reception table layout

Wedding reception sweets

Wedding menu

Recetion kiss

Reception laughter with groom

Simone de Wet laughing at wedding

Groom's speech

Wedding toast

Surpised groom

Taking off the garter

Bride talking at wedding

Wedding dancing

Dancing guests

Wedding reception dancing

Wedding reception party

Wedding celebration

Dancing and partying at wedding

laughter and wedding reception fun

Partying the night away

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