I can speak English. I can speak Afrikaans. I can even speak a good dose of Xhosa. And I’m even starting to throw around a bit of French, Portuguese and Italian thanks to some of the couples I shoot and their diverse groups of families and friends. But here, for the first time ever at Paul and Vic’s wedding at Buitenverwachting I was able to try my hand at Australian! Yeah mate, bloody marvelous and all I tell ya! And Vic’s one bridesmaid (Kate – it is Kate isn’t it – I’m terrible with names) was more than happy to help me hone my skills. Paul was actually born and raised in Cape Town – he went to school at SACS, (as did I) which was rather a fine idea. Vic is as Australian as they come and I just loved artsandhealth.ie/finasteride/ her exuberance and zest for life the moment I met her. Anyway, we had a beaut time mate and yeah, it was bloody hot out there during the service, but we all survived.After the service we had to do a bit of quick thinking on our feet as Buitenverwachting were hosting a big wine-tasting event where I usually like to take photographs. But we managed perfectly and the late afternoon and evening turned into a delightful affair all round. The food was magnificent, the music outstanding and the company excellent. Paul and Vic are now back in Australia and my Aussie accent is as good as any Wallaby out there. Yup, Paul and Vic, you’re a fine couple with a great future ahead of you I sense. So until we meet again, Bon Voyage (told you my French was good).



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