It’s not exactly a big secret that I’m an enormous fan of The Strandloper in Langebaan. Those who know me well will tell you that a braai, sand under my feet, fishing nets and a blue sea are what float my proverbial boat bigtime. Add to that the sound of a guitar playing in the background, the smell of frsh bread being baked in big wood ovens, the sounds of seagulls overhead and a very chilled bride & groom chatting to equally chilled guests and whew, life seldom gets any better. As weddings go, The Strandloper qualifies as unconventional. It’s informal, relaxed and bloody marvellous. Phil and Nadine decided for an early start to the day with the ceremony set for 11.00am. Nadine cruised through her preparations with hair, make-up, strawberries and chocolates at The Farmhouse before making her entrance to The Strandloper set against a perfect day. Ceremony over, we had quite a lot of fun down on the rocks and on the beach with both female and male guests in a very chirpy mood. Now… there are so many photographs that I wanted to put up on my site, but if I do, you’ll be here all year waiting for them to load. So I’m going to break with tradition for once and skip the hair, make-up and styled shots of the dress, garter and so on. Instead, let’s take you straight to the wedding…

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