When I first started out photographing weddings I had one simple vision in mind – to shoot people as they are. I didn’t want to follow the pack. I didn’t want to copy what others were doing. I just wanted to do my own thing and shoot truthfully and honestly what was in front of me. To this very day it’s a major reason I don’t visit other wedding photographer websites. Okay, okay, I do, but perhaps once a year at the very most. I just don’t want to be influenced by what others are doing, or their style. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not slating other photographers out there at all. Some of them are exceptionally good and talented at what they do. But I just want to be me and do things my way. So in the week before Emm and Remi’s wedding I promised myself that I would be no more than a voyeur – a hunter, peaking out from behind a bush. Obviously it’s impossible to do that every step of the way, but still, I wanted to include a measure of obscurity. I wanted to be there, but not there if that makes any sense.  And so the big day dawned. Hel and myself arrived a bit earlier than normal and I’m extremely happy that we did. Because Stephanie from Stephanie’s (wedding planner of note) had put together a cracker of a setting. She’s not good at what she does – she’s pipping hot at what she does! The décor was magnificent. I started shooting immediately. Then there was Brent, the Wedding Coordinator at Allee Bleue. I don’t think it gets more professional than Brent. I felt immediately at home. And I will eta-i.org/provigil.html never ever hesitate to punt and recommend Allee Bleue after the experience and warm, open hospitality that I and everyone else received there. Helen and myself then took a walk around the grounds and then it was time to start photographing Emm and her bridesmaids. Gorgeous, beautiful Emm and gorgeous, beautiful bridesmaids. I was in my flipping element.

Bridal party laughing

My first voyeur moment came when Emm climbed into her dress (yeeees, made by the somewhat indecently talented Robyn Roberts and her fine staff). Instead of standing inside the room, I left the door slightly ajar and shot from the outside. I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am with those photos (sorry, no can do – not putting them onto my website – for bride and groom only). Then at the ceremony I did a bit of hiding behind people to shoot angles where I had semi-exposed shots of Remi and Emm. Lovely. Then during the formals I did quite a lot of lying down and creeping around like some dodgy dude in a horror movie. But it was working for me. There was this moment when I spotted the two groomsmen having a chat some distance away. I asked Emm to just walk towards them and to have a chat without drawing attention to the fact that I was photographing things. I think the results work pretty well. And so it went with this being the wedding that I came face-to-face with the funniest Bestman on the planet. He had me in stitches. It was indeed a great, great day. I wish we could have it again. Met Eish. Which reminds me – see if you can spot Emm in this Klipdrift commercial.

Beautiful wedding make-up
Weddings 2013, Emma

Bridal make-up, Alle Bleue

Alle Bleue weddings

Emma make-up

Alle Bleue bride

Bridesmaid hair and make-up

Rachel looking at Emma

Wedding dress and shoes

Wedding dress, accessories

Warren and Emma

Maid of Honour

Bride dressing

Bridesmaids, bride, mother-of-bride in garden

Alle Bleue garden wedding

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Typewriter wedding idea

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Wedding guests and friends

Wedding friends

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Dad giving bride away

Remi and Emm during wedding ceremony

Wedding ceremony

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Wedding ceremony, Allee Bleue

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Wedding balloons

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Family wedding photos

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Groom and groomsmen at Allee Bleue

Bride and groomsmen

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Emma and Remi

Intimate wedding moment

Bride, groom and bridesmaids relaxing

Bride, groom and bridesmaids at Allee Bleue

Emma in Robyn Roberts dress

Emm and Remi at green wedding door

Bride with words

Bride and groom with wedding words

Mr and Mrs wedding

Wedding photo at dusk

Entry to reception

Wedding speeches

Bestman's speech

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Wedding toast

Wedding toast

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