Romy and Charlie, Vrede en Lust. So you see, Helen and myself were sitting and chatting last night about this whole wedding thing. It’s been quite a ride I tell you. We were having a heck of a good laugh at some of the things we’ve been through. Behind-the-scenes stuff like the two of us arguing in the car before a wedding a few years ago about where to take some of the bridal photos. Hel was saying: ‘do them there’ and I was saying: ‘no, I want to do them over there.’ We got into a bit of a domestic. That same day, the cake imploded on itself. Never a dull moment. Then there was the time I was busy taking photos of the bride and Helen was chirping and telling me what to do from behind me. She was giving it a full go and I was starting to get a bit tense so the bridesmaids decided to flash their g-strings at me for a bit of fun. It can be a really tough job out there I tell you. Anyway, we were having a really good laugh at all the ups and downs (yes, there have been downs). One of those downs was when she kept having to inject me full of Voltarin to keep me going after a bit of an injury. Then there was the time I fell off my mountain bike and had to get through a wedding with fractured ribs. But mostly, it’s been all good. Romy and Charlie’s wedding was no different. Just one big fat barrage of solid memories. Like those awesome bridesmaids pushing and pulling and nipping and tucking and, and, and as they got dressed. Like Tam (bridesmaid and one of my past brides) trying to get ready and preparing baby for a feed. Like it being so hot out there that Romy’s dad Solly was absolutely drenched by the end of the ceremony. Like hooking up with Warren (past groom) for an awesome reunion. Like the smell of chocolate shooters or something like that anyway filling the air at the reception. Like Gina Kaye the wedding coordinator who did an absolutely incredible job of putting the venue (and everything else into place). Phone Gina, you’ll be glad you did. Ja. Awesome. Oh, like Romy and Charlie’s Coffee Table Album which looks absolutely cracker. Like lots of things. Well done team Romy and Charlie. Miss you guys a whole heap. You were A-okay!

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