Ross and Illona, Knorhoek, Stellenbosch. So it’s like this you see. I was never going to be a brain surgeon. Well, not in the conventional sense anyway. I wasn’t going to be an Accountant, or an Actuary or a Mechanical Engineer either. School was way too much fun to take seriously. Take Mr. Lister’s class for example. When he taught us English it was pretty cool. But when he taught us History, um, rearranging desks while he wrote on the chalkboard, letting off stink bombs, and making farting noises was way more fun. Trust me here – I made Mr. Lister’s life more than just interesting – he used to call my name out a LOT in class. Williams was a head case of note. Actually, most of the class were a bunch of head cases; it was just that Williams quite enjoyed leading the assault more often than not. But to be perfectly honest with you, my school shenanigans left an indelible mark somewhere inside my skull, because even today, most teachers scare the heck out of me. Must be an authority thing. So imagine my shock and horror when I get a mail from Illona suggesting that perhaps I should shoot her and Ross’ wedding. Which isn’t exactly a problem now is it? Until Illona mentioned that they were both teachers at SACS and just happened to teach my son Robbie. Tricky. Very, very tricky. Turns out I had nothing to worry about at all, because Ross (also known as ‘Sir’) and my sweet Illonatjie (also known as ‘Ma’am’) are just THE most superb, down-to-earth people in town (that’s an extra 10% in marks for you Robbie. I’ll show you how to be a teacher’s pet bro). They’re just downright special (another 5% Rob’s – that’s a chocolate you owe me). Quite superb really (another 5% Rob’s). As for the wedding well, that’s another story altogether. A semi-dodgy looking rain day turned into a full-blown rain day with me having to march family and guests into and out of downpours, but it sure didn’t dampen the emotions of Ma’am and Sir at all. In fact, they just reveled in all the back and forth. A bit loopy these two. And then let’s quickly set the record straight shall we. Those teacher-type people might look and act all responsibly during school hours and during class, but when it comes to party time, hold onto your skirts girls, because they know how to boogie on down and then some. Don’t you Ma’am? And Sir? Tequila anyone? Enough party energy in these two and their friends to make any schoolboy blush. Oh, I forgot to mention. When I arrived at the ceremony area, you’ll NEVER guess who the Minister was. Uh-huh, theeeeere stood Mr. Lister, beaming from ear-to-ear. ‘Hello Williams’ he said. My apologies for what I’m about to say next, but I nearly poo-ed in my pants! How he ever found it in his heart to forgive that young upstart of a teenage boy I’ll never know. Special these teachers, very, very special. What a privilege to have been involved and made a little piece of history with my Ross and Illona. But let’s not burst into tears and start reciting ‘O Captain my Captain just yet.  Guys, your wedding is over. No more Mr. Nice Guy from me. Illona, your husband’s Under 14 A rugby team  has 3 more games to play this season. Get him to bed early. See you on Saturday. I’ll bring the camera!

Ross and Illona, Knorhoek, Stellenbosch Ross and Illona, Knorhoek, Stellenbosch Warren Williams Photography-938 Warren Williams Photography-943 Warren Williams Photography-945 Warren Williams Photography-944 Ross and Illona, Knorhoek, Stellenbosch Warren Williams Photography-946 Warren Williams Photography Bridal make-up Warren Williams Photography-964 Warren Williams Photography-965 Warren Williams Photography-928Warren Williams Photography-949Warren Williams Photography-967 Warren Williams Photography-968 Warren Williams Photography-969 Warren Williams Photography-950 Happy bride Warren Williams Photography-971 Warren Williams Photography-951 Warren Williams Photography-954 Warren Williams Photography-953 Warren Williams Photography-959 Warren Williams Photography-960 Warren Williams Photography-929Warren Williams Photography-930 Warren Williams Photography-931 Warren Williams Photography-932 Warren Williams Photography-957 Warren Williams Photography-961 Warren Williams Photography-962 Warren Williams Photography-963 Warren Williams Photography-940 Warren Williams Photography-973 Warren Williams Photography-972 Warren Williams Photography-975 Warren Williams Photography-976 Warren Williams Photography-981Best Cape Town wedding photographer Warren Williams Photography-978 Warren Williams Photography-977 Warren Williams Photography-974Warren Williams Photography-941 Warren Williams Photography-942 Warren Williams Photography-983 Warren Williams Photography-986 Warren Williams Photography-984Warren Williams Photography-982 Warren Williams Photography-985 Warren Williams Photography-987 Warren Williams Photography-988 Warren Williams Photography-991Warren Williams Photography-939Warren Williams Photography-958 Warren Williams Photography-989 Warren Williams Photography-990 Warren Williams Photography-993 Warren Williams Photography-996 Warren Williams Photography-995 Warren Williams Photography-994 Warren Williams Photography-979

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Ross, myself and Anthony Lister. How cool are we?


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