It’s always pretty awesome working with the folks at SA Weddings. I’ve come a long, long way with them and they have a business culture that I very happily relate to. Down-to-earth, unstressed, normal. No histrionics, no drama queens, no shouting and screaming and cursing. Just good people who love what they do. So anyway, they ask me if I’d be keen to do a styled shoot on the beach. Duh. If you know ANYTHING about me you know that I live barefoot and in shorts literally every moment, just waiting to get sand between my toes. This is not a lie (and it has been known to drive my family dilly when I wake up at 5.00am on a Saturday morning to go for a 20k stroll down the beach). So off we go, cold morning, bit of rain about and launch into the SA Weddings Rose Quartz and Serenity-styled shoot. Now I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – styled shoots are in no way, whatsoever, representative of a real wedding. Not even marginally so. But what they do bring to the party is ideas. And ideas are good. They get those creative juices flowing. What I really enjoyed about this shoot was the simplicity. I’ve shot one heck of a lot of beach weddings and if you want that wedding down at the water to be a success, there’s only one thing for it. Keep it simple. Don’t get fancy-pants. Especially in Cape Town because you’re never quite sure what the weather will deliver on the day. Let’s just be completely honest here – beach weddings in this neck of the woods take courage because mommy, it can all turn south very, very fast. I cannot begin to tell you how many times I’ve wanted to seriously burst into tears when that perfectly planned day has wedding planners and service providers in proper, proper Code Red mode. There’s a movie in it Hollywood – check it out. A gentle 30-knot South Easter can wreak absolute havoc (not only with your hair my sweet bride), but with all of your décor if you’re not careful. And where there’s a wind AND an incoming tide, whoooops. I’ve had guests jumping up, grabbing their chairs and running for the dunes as the tide says: ‘howdee pardner!’ Not so funny as you’re sizing it up for that first big kiss and all. But I have laughed myself to sleep on occasion afterwards at the chaos of it all. So take a leaf out of this shoot – stay simple, stay elegant, stay beachy, and yes absolutely choose goodies that flutter (hopefully gently) in the breeze. But above all. Keep. It. Simple. Super-duper.

Here are the fine suppliers who helped make this shoot happen:

Didi Couture:

Strawberry Events:

MADE UP: Contact: Chantelle Candice Brown on 082 727 8484

Sorrento Events:


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