SA Weddings, Styled Shoot, Langkloof Roses. So this is kind of how the story goes. Leo from SA Weddings calls me and asks me if I’d like to photograph a styled photo-shoot for them. Now the thing is, I was a bit hesitant at first. The reason is simply that styled photo-shoots actually don’t resemble anything close to what happens at a real wedding. Not even marginally. So the long and short of it is that in my humble opinion, although they always tend to look really awesome, a potential bride and groom would be a bit unwise to select their photographer from simply looking at these shoots. Hence the reason I’ve steered away from them. I’d rather brides and grooms look at actual real weddings and then make a decision from there. But hey, let’s be honest, the exposure one gets from a styled photo-shoot is pretty decent to say the least, especially when coming from SA Weddings. So for once I decided to change my attitude and go for it.

So anyway, I arrived early and took a walk around Langkloof Roses to scout the place out. It’s nice, very nice. Lots and lots and lots of photo opportunities. I was standing up near the stables, surrounded by some interesting farmy/horsey smells when all of a sudden this quite gorgeous girl walks past me. ‘Hmmm,’ I thought ‘if that’s our model then this is a fine start.’ Turned out it was our model – beautiful Simona. Now Simona was slightly concerned about what poses to strike and so on, but I told her not to worry and just go with me on things. Which she did. She was really, really cool and things were going well – up until the first dress change that is. As Simona wandered up to the manor house, I took a stroll down this path between two fields. That’s when the amateur dramatics began. I heard a ‘clip-clop’ sound behind me, turned around, and saw this supremely large horse making its way towards me (well I thought it was supremely large, although it was probably just a normal sized horse). I think it was probably just walking, but to me it appeared to be at full gallop and way, way too interested in me. So I upped my own pace a bit while trying to look cool and calm. But trust me, that horse was closing in really quickly so I decided to break into a run. As it reached me I managed to put in a serious jump up onto the kiddies jungle gym. The horse was circling me now and I was in full panic mode, doing a balancing act on a wooden bar, camera in hand. I wasn’t happy hey. The horse was doing a snorting sort of thing – hectic bro. I was quite close to tears at this stage and wanted to scream but the lump in my throat refused to allow any sounds out. Thankfully the horse lost interest and headed off. As I climbed off the jungle gym there was a bucket load of more bad news to come. A second horse (just as big as the first one) appeared. This guy was a lot quicker though and had a lot more intent. Back onto the jungle gym for Warrie. Thankfully, the second horse decided to spare me the anxiety and went on its way. My heart rate returned to normal and next thing, there was lovely Simona. I thought it best not to mention anything about how I’d bonded with the horses. Didn’t want to brag too much. We headed into the vineyards and took some photos amongst the chickens and then off we headed to the swing and all of a sudden it was 5.00pm and game over. I seriously could have spent another day photographing Simona. In fact, maybe that’ll just have to happen anyway. Thanks SA Weddings! Would I do it again? Oh absolutely! What a refreshing day. Here are a few of the photos and a list of the awesome Service Providers who made it all happen:


Organiser: SA Weddings
Venue: Langkloof Roses
Videographer: Lemonsquare Productions
Attire: Jagadi Couture
Jewellery: Pichulik
Cacti & Flowers: Casa Gardens
Stationary: Lara’s Designs
Cake: Kanya Hunt T/A The Hunt House Kitchen
Biscuits: The Cookie Studio
MAU & hair stylist : Jenro Beauty
Hair accessories: Birds of a Feather ~ Feather Hair Extensions and Accessories
Model: Simona

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