Shaun and Megan, Weltevreden Estate, Stellenbosch. The first time I meet my wedding couples, we generally sit and have a mighty fine chit-chat about how they envisage their day. Sometimes the bride has everything sorted in her minds-eye. Other times, bride and groom look at each other blankly with a ‘heck, we actually haven’t really thought anything through as yet! We need a DJ? Really? Oh.’ Either way, it doesn’t really matter, because come wedding day, it’s all sorted and the whole bang toot falls into place. Sean and Meg’s opted to have their wedding at Weltevreden Estate. I’ve never shot there before and it’s always awesome to have a crack at a venue with completely fresh eyes. Meg’s and Shaun also knew exactly what they wanted and divided the Estate up into a fantastic carnival atmosphere, complete with a Hall of Mirrors and one of those bell thingies that you smash with a hammer to see how strong you are. Popcorn, Bashies, good background music, a very, very accessible bunch of guests and this was a very fine Saturday afternoon indeed. The ceremony was a breeze (along with meandering Peacock) and the family photos went off without any prob (other than that deranged kid whose parents had clearly fed him too much Coca-Cola). Why does there always have to been one kid who just leaves a trail of damage, destruction, chaos and complete pandemonium at weddings? generic cymbalta teva Kid. Stand still. Even if it’s just for 1/1000 of a sec. But please. STAND. STILL. Then onto the bridal photos we went. Bit of a déjà vu with my gorgeous ‘Tam Lamb’ (past bride and wife to Karl – he of awesome hairdo fame) as a bridesmaid this time around. Lots of laughter, a few comments about ‘wow Shaun, that was a long kiss bro – easy tiger’ and so. Then we smashed headlong into the reception for some great speeches and a whole lot of toe-tapping on the dance floor. Then, Oupa decided that he’d had enough of these youngsters, so Oupa stepped up to the plate, left nudge, right nudge, elbow to the mouth as he punched his way to ‘World Garter Catcher Champion.’ Nice Oupa, nice – you show ‘em dude. And then it was over. Fun, excitement, music, laughter and the aroma of roast potatoes, lamb and chicken swirling upwards and fading into the night sky. Perfect wedding, just perfect.

Sean and Megan, Weltevreden Estate, Stellenbosch Sean and Megan, Weltevreden Estate, Stellenbosch Sean and Megan, Weltevreden Estate, Stellenbosch

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