Perfection probably just about sums up Shirley and Juan’s wedding at the Hout Bay Manor. Because if ever there was a wedding that went off like clockwork, then this was it.  Everything just worked. And I mean everything. The food was perfect, the weather was ideal, the guests were severely friendly, the bridesmaids and best men pulled out all the stops, and Shirl’s and Juan were first class. But boy, did I ever have to step up to the plate on this one. Shirley, bless her heart, left nothing to chance and my shot list looked like a military operation. The only shot I didn’t get was Simon the happy ant crossing the 4th pebble from the left at 2.17 and 36 seconds. Other than that I think I pretty much got everything else that Hout Bay Manor could throw at me. But then that’s Shirley for you – attention-to-detail is in her blood. So is perfection. And she accepts nothing less. Which is a darned fine thing, because everyone and everything was just top notch stuff. Add to that the fact that Pure Restaurant know a thing or two about serving up excellent fare and you’ve just got a winning combination all round. I was absolutely knackered come time to leave, but I jumped into the car, drove home and started editing their wedding immediately so excited was I. By 3.00am in the morning I staggered into bed wishing that the night would pass quickly so that I could get stuck in again. Sure enough it did. So here then, finally, are some of their many, many photos. And Robyn Roberts, need I say it? Awesome dress! What. A. Designer. Up next is the small matter of Shirley’s Trash the Dress. And if Shirl’s pulls it off like she did at the wedding we’re in for one heck of a treat.

Hout Bay Manor wedding

Wedding canapés

Wedding decor

Petites fleurs

Wedding menu

Quality Street

Robyn Roberts Bridal Wear

Bridesmaids getting ready

Bridesmaids before dressing

Cath Coupar

Cath Coupar

Shirley McMurray

Shirley McMurray wedding

Black and White Bridal portraits

Bride putting on garter

Bride peeping through window

Bride, bridesmaids on landing of hotel

Bride with flowers

Tanned bride on chair showing garter

Bride photographed from above on staircase

Hout Bay Manor, Pure Restaurant

Bride cleavage from above

Reflective bride

Bride grand entrance

Moody wedding photographs

Happy bridesmaid

Bride at doorway natural light

Bestmen colorful socks

Proud groom with bestmen

Pure Restaurant

Groom laughing

Photojournalistic wedding photography

father of bride watches daughter

Shirley and Juan's wedding

Groom waits for bride

Wedding vows book

Wedding ceremony

wedding photojournalism

Emotional bridesmaid

First kiss

Bridal party

Top Cape Town wedding photographer captures stylish wedding

Relaxed groom with bridal girls

Warren Williams Photography shoots classic wedding

Warren Williams Photography shoots Shirley and Juan's wedding

Sisters at wedding

Alongside Pure Restaurant swimming pool

Demure bride with groom

Creative wedding cake

Warren Williams Photography

Elegant wedding interior

Warren Williams Photography at Pure Restaurant

Happy bride hugs husband

Cutting elegant wedding cake Bride covers face during speeches

Hout Bay Manor wedding-69

Hout Bay Manor wedding-68

Hout Bay Manor wedding-67

Hout Bay Manor wedding-65

Hout Bay Manor wedding-13

Hout Bay Manor wedding-12

Hout Bay Manor wedding-14

Hout Bay Manor wedding-52

Hout Bay Manor wedding-70

Hout Bay Manor wedding-72

Hout Bay Manor wedding-64




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