We really do live in an amazing country you know. And we really do have it all. Mountains, koppies, rivers, two oceans, a fat amount of wildlife. We’ve got the cheese route, the wine route, the whale route. We’ve got Joey’s, Durbs, PEEEE. And we invented the word: ‘lekker.’ What more could one ask for? We’re a tourism marketers dream. And in between all of that, sandwiched between Paarl, Franschhoek and Stellenbosch we have Babylonstoren. Nice spot. With a small, intimate garden that spans a mere 8 acres. They grow a few veggies and fruit in the garden as well. 300 different varieties to be precise. If you decide to get married at Babylonstoren like Stef and Faz did, then you can expect to walk about 3 kilometres through the garden as you have your photographs taken in 36 degree heat. It’s lovely. Pick a berry as you go. Spot bees. Go for a saunter around the prickly pear garden. By the time you’ve finished it could well be  past midnight and by then your guests would have buggered off, leaving you with a few half empty bottles of red. But thankfully that didn’t happen to us at Stef and Fazs’ wedding. We got back in time for a delightful sunset, donkeys peeping in at the reception venue windows (yes, you read that correctly), ducks sauntering around like they owned the place, a band doing its thing, and everyone in fine spirits. Out came the food – you guessed it – all homegrown at Babylonstoren. Except of course for the fillet – fillet trees have yet to be invented out in that neck of the woods as yet. And so the evening went along with plenty of wine, song and good cheer. If you haven’t been there yet, you MUST go. I’m really not a very good gardeny kind of person, but ja, interesting and different. And just plain lekker!

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