Aaaaah, another language-challenging wedding day. This time I had to haul out my very best Dutch to deal with the proceedings. Well, my best Afrikaans, and my best Dutch, because Stefan is from here and Bernice is from Holland. It all started with strawberries, and cheese & biscuits at Mooikelder where Bernice got ready (nice venue for getting ready by the way). Bernice’s mom’s English is definitely not as good as my absolutely outstanding Dutch, but we managed to communicate perfectly with nods, gestures and the odd quizzical smile. We took some photos of Bernice and her stunning bridesmaids Nicole (with a ‘kappie on the ‘e’ and Jo-Anne – imagine having a dentist as pretty as Jo-Anne – whew), before heading off to see Stefan holding his ground at the NG Church in Franschhoek. Now for what it’s worth, Stefan epitomizes everything good about old-fashioned South African hospitality. He’s warm, friendly, welcoming and breaks into a smile without generic cymbalta when even trying. Good guy this. Anyway, sorry girls, Stefan is now taken. So Bernice arrives, we have a very nice service (delivered by a fine minister who was at varsity with Stefan) and then head off to one of my favourite venues, Nelson’s Creek. You always feel welcome here, and even the big guy himself, Mr Alan Nelson made an effort to bring his two horses and cart down to take Stefan and Bernice for a ride. Nice touch sir. A bit of posing, fun and laughter later and we were into the reception where Stefan delivered his speech in both Afrikaans and pretty darned fluent Dutch before the live band got the guests hopping and bopping on the dance-floor. Bernice, I don’t need to tell you that my word, you looked bloody amazing. Now get out of here, go to Holland and we’ll see you back here in a few years time. Oh, and bring cheese.

bride and groom reflections

bridal preparation

wedding strawberries

Debbie Jean make-up

bridal make-up


bride getting into dress

wedding lace

bride dressed

bride perfume

warren williams

brides dresses

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bridesmaids leaving

bride and garter

bride and bridesmaids at piano

bride reflection

bride playing piano

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bride arriving at church

bride arriving

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father giving away bride

Franschhoek NG Kerk

wedding prayers

wedding ceremony Franschhoek

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wedding formals

NG Kerk Franschhoek

bride and groom in horse and cart

bridal horse and cart

bride and groom together

wedding kiss

bride and groom

bride and groom 1

groom tie

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nelsons creek wedding photos

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wedding reception decor

First Dance

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