Stephen and Sophia, Clouds Estate, Stellenbosch. So let’s see now… What is it, for me, that makes a wedding challenging? Is it that so-called reputed Bridezilla? Nope. I’ve never had one – I think it’s a myth. Is it battling the elements over long, long hours? Hmmmm, sometimes it can be pretty tough yes, but you eventually get over yourself. Is it Aunty Molly asking you to remove the lines from around her eyes in Photoshop? (Happens at every wedding by the way). Nope, I simply tell Aunty Molly she’s beautiful the way she is. So let me tell you what’s tricky. It’s when you shoot a wedding filled with a bunch of international folk who all have strong accents and speak very quickly. In Stephen and Sophia’s case, my band of merry family and friends hailed from Scooootland. So there I am, photographing Stephen getting ready as my good mates and videographers Frans and Henroux from FJS Productions go about their knitting, when in walks one of Stephen’s buddies and says: ‘Grabarith wetchgoing ta bae birith.’ Sorry? Say what? ‘Goingraba kitcha grobo aaaaai.’ Blank stares all round. Then Stephen responds: ‘Howdya puuuut oooon this thang.’ Okaaaaay, we understood that one Stephen. ¬†Sophia’s room was a bit more understandable with a good mix of folk from Scotland and Zuuuuid Aaafrika. Down to the ceremony we went where Brendan from Music2theMax was sorting the tunes. High 5’s, and a bit of catching up as the guests began to arrive. ‘Aaaargh bringaferty herga guffraffa.’ I just nodded my head and said: ‘hello.’ Good bunch this. Some readings during the ceremony, plenty of laughter during the photo sesh afterwards. Actually, while we’re on the subject, there was a young fellow at the wedding who decided he’d teach me the finer points on photography. ‘So I want you to stand here’ he said.’Then when everyone is ready, you need to push this button here halfway to focus, and then push it down even further to take the photo. Do you understand or must I stay here and help you?’ I assured him that I kind of got the idea but that I’d shout if I needed help. Thankfully I managed to get it right. Onto the reception. And the speeches. Ha! Tricky! I was concentrating flatout trying to understand what was being said. Sometimes I got it, sometimes I was just, well, completely lost. It takes a trained ear to understand that Stephen is a ‘wagga re braarrie greet foooootbaaaller’ (yes, a fantastic, highly skilled and exceptionally talented pro footballer) and that Sophia ‘lee abroga brist ingolflood’ (which roughly translated means that she looked darned awesome in her wedding dress and never stopped smiling). But accents or no accents, we got through the day, had an excellent time and I think all guests ¬†‘wur tearin’ the tartan’ and enjoyed an outstanding day at Clouds Estate in Stellenbosch. Fantasties jong.Stephen and Sophia, Clouds Estate, Stellenbosch Stephen and Sophia, Clouds Estate, Stellenbosch Stephen and Sophia, Clouds Estate, Stellenbosch Adri Hugo hair and make-up, Warren Williams PhotographyClouds Estate weddings, Stellenbosch FJS ProductionsStephen and Sophia, Clouds Estate, StellenboschScottish wedding Cape TownClouds Estate weddingsWarren Williams PhotographyWarren Williams wedding photography

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