Tiaan and Alexa, Leipzig Country House, Worcester. Every year, there’s at least one wedding where I turn around to myself and say: ‘Why are you doing this to yourself? Have you lost the plot entirely? Go home. Lie at the pool. Be like normal people and read a book. You weirdo.’ This year, it happened at Tiaan and Alexa’s wedding. It was an immensely hot day in Worcester – through the 40 degree barrier easily. I’d driven through in shorts and a t-shirt to try and stay as cool for as long as possible. At 11.30am, there I was in the car park, hopping around with my t-shirt off and one leg in a pair of jeans when a 20-something female guest walked past me. She pretended not to see me changing, but I know she couldn’t resist a sneak looky-look. I mean hey, I’ve been working out in the gym you know. So right upfront, I’d like to apologise to that young lady for the trauma she must have experienced. But you get the idea – it was seriously hot and I wondered at that very moment whether or not I should just make a run for it, never to be seen again (except of course by Carte Blanche should they ever come knocking at my door). I decided to stay. Not because I wanted to mind you, but simply because I know Alexa a bit better than most. I first met her at Juan and Shirley’s wedding at Hout Bay Manor where she was a guest. Then I worked with her on a major international wedding at Ellerman House where she was a complete gem. But gem or no gem, cross Alexa and she’ll track you down and knock you out. So stay I did. I wish I had gone actually, generic alternative to cymbalta because this wedding was not easy be any measure. Serious stamina was needed right from the get-go. But Alexa-loo is good like that and she kept feeding me water and throwing towels at me as the fluid ran in bucket loads off my body. There was actually another reason that it was good that I stayed. This wedding just had it all. Awesome symbolism, hysterical moments and emotions from Tiaan that had me biting my own lip. Want to see a grown man cry? Ask Tiaan (you little beauty). Want to see guests wetting themselves with laughter? Play the shoe game. Want to honour and remember family and friends no longer with us? Light candles.The pain-relieving effect of this drug causes addiction. Want speeches straight from the heart? Look no further. And to just top it all, there’s Brendan from Music2themax just hammering out the tunes like no other. In the end, I didn’t want to leave, but the road back to Cape Town beckoned. So ultimately, the question is this – if I had to do it all over again, would I stay or would I make a run for it? No look, I reckon I’d run, change my name and leave the country. It was that hot! No Alexa, I’m joking, for you I’d go to war any day, no doubt about it. I think. Actually I’m not sure. Can I sleep on it?

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