A year ago, Wendy walked straight up to me at a wedding expo and said: ‘Hi, are you Warren?’ I took one look at her, crossed my fingers and said a silent prayer. Then I said: ‘yes, I am’ and she said, ‘good, I want to book you for December.’ I nearly did a double backflip, half-turn somersault ending in the splits. But it probably wouldn’t have looked all that elegant, so I tried to remain calm and blurted out something like ‘sure no prob.’ The next thing, there’s this chap standing next to her and he says: ‘ Warreeeeen, good-a-to-a-meet-a-you-I-am-a-Tony’ as he pumps my hand vigorously. So there I am – gorgeous girl in front of me, fully awesome Italian guy with big accent to boot, and they’re beaming with excitement and asking me to shoot there wedding. This was sensory overload of the first degree. And then they were still going to pay me to shoot them – it just didn’t seem right. Oh how I love my job. So a year medicament cymbalta effets secondaires passed and on their wedding day the absolutely stunning Wendy and the totally terrific DJ Tony Finger were just as stunning as the day I met them. I didn’t think I’d ever use the word ‘fairytale’ to describe a wedding – it’s just so naff, but this was indeed a fairytale wedding. Everything about it was good. Everything. The vibe was really, really amazing, Wendy battled to look pretty (as you’ll see from the photos), Tony just sat around looking bored (as you’ll see from the photos) and of course, the lovely bridesmaids in the form of Janine, Lorna and Emma added zero value to the day (as you’ll see from the photos). Yup,Β just another humdrum day at the office (as you’ll see from the photos). As you can well imagine I was so glad when it was all over. Oh, last thing. Hidden Valley the venue they were married at is pure class. Fantastic for photos and the food was superb all round. Bellisimo!

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