Let’s try a little tongue-twister shall we? How about: ‘She sells sea shells on the sea shore.’ Or alternatively we could go with: ‘How much wood would Woodstock stock if Woodstock could stock wood.’ Right, now that we have you warmed up, try walking around for a few hours saying Tristan and Kristin without stumbling over your words. I bet you can’t do it. Believe me, I know, because I got it wrong on a number of occasions. ‘Kristin, I mean Tristan, I mean Kris, no wait, Tris, no, Kristin.’ There were a few times during this wedding where I got so thrown by names that I didn’t even know my own name. But boy oh boy, what a fantastic wedding. The first thing that struck me was the decor. It was awesome. Pinwheels, buttons, retro cans, lavender, hesian – and all put together over the period of about a year by Tristan herself – sorry, I mean Kristin (with a little help from her friends). It must have taken some serious commitment from the girl because the detail was quite astounding. The second thing that struck me was the friendliness of this mob. Everybody was so warm and welcoming. Tristan was cool as a cucumber, the parents and guests all sort of just eased into things, and as a result, the whole day and evening went off brilliantly. As I watched the day unfold I caught myself wondering whether Tris and Kristin’s professions had anything to do with it. Tristan is a captain. Not an aeroplane captain, but rather that of the seafaring kind. He drives a rather large dingy around the place. Well, it’s not exactly a dingy, it’s a bloody enormous, 5-star, seriously luxurious boat. And Kristin is the hostess aboard, making sure everyone needs are taken care of. So little wonder they were able to put together a wedding that just cruised and cruised and cruised. Here’s a look inside the porthole then…

Wedding kiss

Bridal make-up

Warren Williams wedding photography

Kristin in her wedding dress

Kristin close-up

Wedding lace and veil

Veil and hands

Wedding decor

Vintage wedding decor

DIY wedding decor

Creative wedding seating plan

Wedding decor buttons

Wedding venue layout

Groom waiting, bride arriving

Tired chap

West Coast wedding photography

Emotional groom

Bride being given away by mother

Seaside wedding ceremony

Boesmanland weddings

Wedding service


Ring ceremony

Taking photographs at a wedding!


Bride and groom intimate moment

Deadliest Catch

Wedding boat rides

Yacht basin


Bride and groom in yacht yard

Bride in yacht basin

Kiss on jetty

Kristin on edge of jetty

Warren Williams Photography, Boesmanland

Wedding guests at reception

Groom's speech

Traditional Boesmanland shooter

First Dance

Wedding guests

Wedding laughter

Tossing the bouquet

Fun time on the dance floor

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